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The view from the back

My blog is about our move to Spain, to be exact it's about the intergration of a techno junkie and his lovely wife of 30 yrs into 18th century Spain.

Bitter Sweet
Thursday, August 20, 2015 @ 10:50 PM

Every morning I wake up usually before its light, it's something we started when the builders were in the house but it seems to have stuck. I have now long since got used to the sight of bars on my window and that slade prison feeling is no more but now from within these wall we can get the feeling of tenko as the chain link is now encompassing the front, It's not close probably 50m off and to be fair the actual fence is not readily seen just the poles that glint in the morning sun, however it feels bitter sweet.

It was necessary to keep DeeDee in and out of the slurry pit at the farm but we have lost some of the open appeal of being remote on the campo. I hope like most new things it takes time to feel comfortable in them and at least I won't be bathing the dog 4 times a week any more.

The two guys who put it in, an Englishman and a Spaniard were contracting to the company who made the gates and were all we had been told about regarding builders in Spain. they arrived any where between 9 and 10 am had an hour for lunch in the bar and went at 4 pm. the English guy had a large cool box full of beer so he could stay hydrated whilst digging. All that said the finished job is sound it just took longer than we expected, again thankfully we were on a fixed price so not really a problem.   

The one with a problem is DeeDee, who is currently plodding around slowly realizing there's no more roaming the range, trimming her back from about 500 acres to 2000m2 around the house well just have to make a big effort to keep her entertained and who knows she may even have enough energy left to actually be taken for a walk.

I should really try and follow her, as if; Mo Farrar would struggle to keep up. however she did come home the other day not covered in slurry but honey, her belly was solid and it was all over her snout she slept it off all afternoon, now that would be a good find if there's any left.

On with the sweet stuff we have been picking our figs and thanks to the wet spring they have done really well, to the point we have just had to leave some on the trees for passer byes. We've eaten them, froze them and I made chutney.

Yes I making chutney, my lovely wife is a great cook but when it comes down to playing in the kitchen its down to me or number one daughter who is a chef in the UK.  I used a Nigel Slater recipe from the net and it was very tasty when it was jarred so the promise is that it improves after a month, I can't wait as we have about 5 kg in the cupboard. so infused I made 5kg of tomato and chilli relish using a random recipe from an American website that didn't work well it seemed to have too much of the various vinegars so after 2 hours of reduction I added more tomatoes and chillies and sugar to taste and continued for another 2 hours and it seemed fine when it went in the jars only time will really tell.

as part of the prep for the fencing we had to move the remaining two tonnes of our wood pile into the rear of the car port not really a job for this time of year but necessary all the same, I just need to build a wall around it now it contain it when we add the new load of four tonnes in October.  We went through at least that much last winter it was hard to tell as we were cutting our own trees for the most part. This year will however be a hand in pocket time four tonne being about €350 around here, but the crackle of the wood burner is most satisfying.  

now the builders merchants are back off holiday I have ordered the bricks etc for the counter in the fly free so we can crack on with that and get it tiled, the doors are made and fitted and I must say they look the mutts nuts , not that ours has any . For a first attempt at doors I'm well pleased, I'm not taking orders as the labour charge based on hours taken would be crippling ha-ha.  

We are now approaching the time where we can no longer avoid the painting and have had the first set of reja removed for bead blasting and powder coating giving access to refurb the window and tile the sill, then paint. A process that we will need to repeat all around the house over the next few months, I can't wait.





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