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The view from the back

My blog is about our move to Spain, to be exact it's about the intergration of a techno junkie and his lovely wife of 30 yrs into 18th century Spain.

Time stops, for some
14 November 2013 @ 01:52

This will be my fiftieth post on this blog , not sure why I started and I  never thought I would get over 13,000 views at any point ! But things rarely turn out like we expect them to do they .

I expected to be house hunting by now with a new car on the drive , instead we still have our old VW , bought to travel down in fully loaded and destined to return to blighty under new ownership. thankfully she's still running well as we needed to extend her stay in sunny Spain due to our protracted dealings with the men in black, as for her new owner he can't wait so VW is on the path to the breakers a shame really . 

The lovely wife and I are currently pondering extending our rental into sept 2014 from June 1, as we have not as yet seen any legal properties we like and may start to look further afield, this would also avoid any snap decisions should we not get our  NIE next time and have to go round again during the holiday period. Buying with a dead line of eviction would not be a good idea. 

The lovely wife is still suffering with the rash albeit to a lesser extent now, but it persistently hangs on, the meds are reducing it but we still have not hit the cause or cure. One thing we can now rule out is the pool as at 14c even us hardy northerners have put our trunks away ! It might look nice in the sunshine but it's still like Bridlington in June once you get in, I carried on our daily swims up to last week but gave in at 17c. 

When we do get our place were interested in solar PV and this might lead to heating the pool a bit :-) 

We've had a few high days since my last post, the lovely wife had her 35th birthday again and for the second time it was in Spain, it must be all the hard work she does that helps keep her age so static ? I read this week that Cheryl cole is stepping down from the face cream job and Adele turned down £6m for a four year go at the gig ! Now on reading this I thought of the lovely wife how she works so hard and manages to stay 35, I real sign that the cream works so I put her name forward, cus she's worth it - I await a reply! 

We've also had a visitor or two, firstly we got an email from one of the lovely wife's best friends " are you in this pm , to Skype " off went the reply yes ok, so I pottered about and the lovely wife waited for the call , she did not expect a call at the door ! Her mate was on holiday with her bloke golfing in Murcia and decided to pop in, good job really as if the lovely wife had found out they were playing mixed two ball and not popped her in then he would have needed new balls . 

Secondly our daughter (28) has been out for the first time, to see how we are getting on, she flew to San Javier , not an airport I've been through but from touch down to hugs was about 10 mins , not like Palma where 10 mins just about gets you off the air bridge . Down side on her return was that every where was shut in the departure lounge so no coffee no shopping :-(

Her visit was timed to see the lovely wife remain 35 again and to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary , the lovely wife thought I was going to give her a pearl necklace but as I reminded her she's allergic to shell fish so I thought better not push our luck with the rashes ! 

We all went out and had a slap up meal in the village, the best steak I can remember having in a very long time , cooked over wood and only just. The staff were pleasant and put up with me trying my Spanish when both she and the menu were also available in English. She brought us shot glasses and a bottle of a rum with honey liqueur with the bill, now I've not had this before and it was a real treat so I'm looking out for it in the shops, it's great with black coffee. 

I know , I have spotted the errors in this post , I'm daft not stupid . I'm 49 the lovely wife's 35 again and our daughter is 28 , so as you see things rarely are what they seem just like Spain . 

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fazeress said:
16 November 2013 @ 11:01

Lol! Amazing how young your lovely wife married! Don't frorget that if you did buy a property the lawyer you used would sort your NIE, bank account (if needed) etc... included in the price. You're certainly braver than I dipping in a pool thats only 17! I struggled to get in one that was 21 last May and it was hot outside. Maybe that didn't help!

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