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The view from the back

My blog is about our move to Spain, to be exact it's about the intergration of a techno junkie and his lovely wife of 30 yrs into 18th century Spain.

And there's more !
18 June 2013 @ 21:13

 It's all go here still , the manifest is growing and the tempers are fraying , my lovely wife and I have been rubbing along fine but the last few days have seen the rubbing along turn in to rubbing up the wrong way. Something had to give and as the work is not going away then the lovely wife had to ! So after a night out with a friend and lunch the next day followed by a day off everything was on an even keel again. Stress - what we need is a holiday in the sun.

as the packing continues the through put has slowed , we re now in the position of needing to pack whilst packing what we need . We have sold the dinning table and chairs with collection near departure date the buyer said and I quote " can you wait for the cash a couple of months ? I'll pop it around then " arr bless her the " don't ask for credit " speech rushed to my lips but was closely beaten by    " better to pay on collection , Spain's a long way " .

as promised I went to see my dad to sort out Skype on his laptop , only to find he's got no camera and the people that stole football from the BBC have screwed his free broad band down that low that we'd be better off with 2 cans and a flip chart. Having purchased a camera and arranged an upgrade on the BB we're awaiting the improvement then it will be chocks  away . Lets hope they move quicker than their lite product, I thought the  lite things in life were ment to be better for you , may be something's in life just need to be supersized you know full fat ! 

Till manaña 


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Louise said:
20 June 2013 @ 22:27

Loving reading your Blog. I'm in a similar position but don't want to start my blog until all is done, signed, sealed and delivered! I look forward to some more of yours and watch this space for mine in the near (ish) future! :)

John said:
21 June 2013 @ 11:02

enjoying your diary Big lad, keep it up!

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