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The view from the back

My blog is about our move to Spain, to be exact it's about the intergration of a techno junkie and his lovely wife of 30 yrs into 18th century Spain.

01 June 2013 @ 20:13

 Well the reality is really setting in now. There's so much to and apparently I have to help. So I proposed a division of our labours based on our strengths. So my lovely wife was sorting out all the old stuff in the loft whilst I sat in my office and sold hem on ebay. Well my part of our endeavours is showing a healthy profit but the news from supplies is that stocks are now low and will soon end so maybe here's no future in is business so like a trendy restaurant this pop up venture will have to close. 

So as you already know I'm not one for change I'm also no leader hence " The view from the back " I have always been the one at the back , you know the one with the awkward question , the one you try not to look at whilst making your pitch. I based my passed life on trying to distill it down to the nuts and bolts and then doing it on line. 

Is Spain still in the 1800's ? This could be a good question for the forum. In between listing fishing tackle and selling beds I have been given the temporary role of researcher. A word I seem to becoming very familiar with is PERMISO it crops up in all sorts of unexpected places , not being a word I have used in our Spanish lessons I looked it up . It would seem that it means permission or licence and it would seem that it's a word that the Spanish have took to heart managing to find so many ways of formalising their lives with a licence. What's even more surprising is that most of these PERMISO seem to be accompanied by either a health check or an exam or both and in an exclusive way can only be completed in Spanish. So having just sold the last of my fly fishing tackle & used the cash to buy some sea 


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