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25 Sep 2017 4:59 PM by Petition Star rating. 5 posts Send private message

Thank you to the site operators for allowing this.

I ask every British expat to sign petition 20061 on the UK parliament petition page (sorry, I can not post a link / URL as I am a new user and blocked from doing this).
Just google, UK parliament petitions, then search for petition 200601 or just search for "FCO"

Please then forward it to colleagues, friends and family, asking them to do the same. It is REALLY important especially regarding Brexit.


Did you know
1) that FCO Consular Assistance is discretionary, not statutory.
2) the UK government does not currently intervene in most civil and human rights abuses committed against British nationals abroad.

What does that mean to you?

1) It means you / your friends / your family may well get refused Consular Assistance. See the FCO Customer Charter / Guide to British nationals abroad, then go to page 4 and see; [B]“Generally, there is no legal right to consular assistance. All assistance provided is at our discretion."[/B]

If you have status and / or influence, great. If you are an everyday British national, look out.

2) The UK government, when it suits them, says it can not intervene with sovereign foreign nations. Nonsense. Both the European Court of Human Rights and European Commission provide mechanisms for such intervention. The real reasons the FCO will likely not stop abuse against any of you are a) they are overpaid uncaring Whitehall civil "servants" and b) it does not suit the needs of the wealthy / influential to cause ripples with foreign governments; British nationals are expendable outside the UK.

Recently, vulnerable abused British children overseas, separated from their British parent were not just refused consular assistance, but completely ignored by the FCO, despite a request made by a well known British human rights NGO to the FCO regarding their plight. Even Boris Johnson ignored two requests from fellow MP's; he also did not even reply. Are these children animals? No, they are everyday respectful, lower-middle class British school children. And there are other examples of this state condoned discrimination / abuse.

Is it your / your family's / your friend's turn next?

All British nationals should be treated equally. It is time to make Consular Assistance statutory and unambiguous, available to all British nationals and clearly defined / set out, and to include civil / human rights intervention.

Brexit expats: The British Government says it is committed to ensuring your rights post-Brexit. How can that be if Consular Assistance is discretionary?! British expats of all people need to get Consular Assistance made statutory and civil / human rights abuse protection included before Brexit happens, else they will not get it after, will they?

Again, thanks to the site operators and I again ask every British expat to sign the petition;
Just google, UK parliament petitions, then search for petition 200601 or just search for "FCO"

And then ask your friends, family and colleagues to do the same.

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