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11 Apr 2015 21:11 by gnik Star rating in calahonda. 28 posts Send private message

What should be a relaxing retirement and enjoying a relaxing warm summer can often turn into a nightmare due to the amount of visitors we seem to get.

At this time of year I have just started to get the initial inquiries regarding friends and family annual summer holidays. We have tried to limit our visitors to no more than one week max but this is easier said than done.


Most visitors always seem to stay longer than they initially say and the ten days is often eleven or twelve, because they don’t count the day they arrive and leave.


The worst is my brother in law with wife and two kids, he always asks if he can stay a few nights as he will hire a car and tour Andalucía, but after staying a few nights he says he would like to stay on as it’s  too hot to drive around and the kids are enjoying the pool and don’t want to travel. He has pulled this stunt twice before and short of being rude and causing bad feelings, what can be done ?

How do others  manage to get the right balance without starting WW3.



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11 Apr 2015 23:19 by wencra Star rating in mollina - malaga. 66 posts Send private message

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try saying July/August too hot for visitors or you are pre booked or you are away sightseeing/touring

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11 Apr 2015 23:47 by camposol Star rating in Camposol. 1411 posts Send private message

Suggest local budget  hotels nearby,  and that you will arrange to meet on some trips and meals out

It is too hot to be waiting on visitors, and arranging activities. 

Then afterwards you are left with cleaning and a mountain of washing

Many people feel they have to agree to non stop visitors because they are "Lucky" enough to live in the sun

Do they invite you to their houses for free holidays?

Dont feel guilty, many wished they had been firm enough to suggest alternative accomodation.

Only my immediate family stay with me in the summer.they help me, and I  dont feel pressured, but two weeks is a long time with people you don't know that well.


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12 Apr 2015 14:09 by Hephaestus Star rating in The Peak District Na.... 1237 posts Send private message


I presume that you meant your husband's sister, her husband and their two kids, if so that's pretty close family as far as he's concerned. Really you must leave it to him to tell his blood relatives that they are causing a rift between you and him, my wife put up with a lot in respect of my late mother when she was slipping into dementia, she started to think that our home was her home, I finally hacked her back to her own home with us supplying all of her meals and my wife helping with bathing etc, I owe her big style for what she did.

I honestly think that if your extended family and friends were told in in strong terms to stop extracting the urine, that you would find yourself with far less self invited house guests, but I repeat that if it's your husband's sister then it's his job to tell her.

Good luck, were in Calahonda next week, but luckily for you we do have somewhere to stay. wink      


I'm Spartacus, well why not?

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