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09 Aug 2012 11:00 by momac61 Star rating. 18 posts Send private message

HELP. I am looking to view in CDA next week and have inundated myself with estate agents. Does anyone have any agents that they would HIGHLY recommend as i feel i have information overload. I need to arrange appointments soon!!!! Any advice would be appreciated


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09 Aug 2012 14:25 by potblack Star rating in Alicante & Singapore. 233 posts Send private message

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The answer to that question is NO. That’s why you are inundated with corrupt, lying,. thieving slime bags. The whole lot of them are like a starving pack of dogs fighting over a bone.

Best advice ‘’rent before you buy’’. Get to know people and the area. And if you cannot, have a drive round and knock on a few doors. Draw up a list of ‘’must have’’ and ‘’don’t want’’. It’s so easy to get it wrong in Spain. You find what you think is perfect, and then you find out that next door are the toe rags from hell with 3 mad barking dogs.

Good luck and God help you.

NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER: A mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others.

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09 Aug 2012 17:44 by momac61 Star rating. 18 posts Send private message

Potblack. Ur scaring me. I take it u have had a dreadful experience and still suffering with nieghbours from hell. Are u living in the area we are contemplating to buy.???

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09 Aug 2012 17:57 by Roly2 Star rating in Almeria. 648 posts Send private message

 Why start with the estate agent?? Go to the area and see what properties you like - there are plenty to choose from!!  Generally speaking they are pretty desperate to sell so don't link in too tightly with any one agent!!!   

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09 Aug 2012 18:08 by maddiemack Star rating in Grantham, Lincolnshi.... 194 posts Send private message

I'm with potblack.  Why buy something you may want to get rid of in the near future (and can't sell) when there are loads of long-term lets out there.  It's been written so many times on this site but the best advice is rent before you buy.  Prices aren't going to go down in Spain anytime soon so it's not like you need to get onto the Spanish property market right now, or even in the near future.  Once you have found an area you really like, I'm sure you won't find it difficult to get a place you love at a price you can afford.


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09 Aug 2012 18:11 by Roly2 Star rating in Almeria. 648 posts Send private message

 I too agree with that.  Just take your time and look around and DONT tie into an agent.   EVER.

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09 Aug 2012 20:23 by arroyoarry Star rating. 11 posts Send private message

 Another Potblack supporter here. I can't think of a worse time to buy. Why would you want to launch into buying at a time when the economic situation is so bad? The Greece situation is really bad and unresolved, Spain is similarly in an awkward situation. The politicians are all two faced and I would not believe a word they say.

Look, chill out, rent somewhere, get to know people and the areas, research the real economic situation. I've owned for over 10 years and I intend to move but there's no way I'd put anymore money into Spain at the moment as I'm totally unconvinced I wouldn't lose a fortune. Spain is a wonedrful place to be but not a wonderful place to own a property at the moment.

You asked for advice and you've got it from more than one source. Read other fora and you'll get similar advice. If anyone urges you to buy then make sure you examine their credentials and make sure they have no hidden agendas.

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