Legalisation of unlicensed rural properties through the MIT license

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14 Mar 2023 9:36 AM by JMKCOM Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message

Hi, I work for the autonomic government of Valencia, Spain. I am myself a British expat, moving to Spain 1995. I am the first expat to become a Techical Arquitect in Spain, the first foreigner to win the oustanding academic achievement award, the first foreigner to be a Judicial expert witness (as opposed to a party witness), the foreigner to be a Municipal Arquitect and now the first Commisioner for Expatriates for property issues.
I am involved with a project which affects a great many expats and needs and deserves the maximum coverage possible. There are some 194,000 illegal rural properties in the Valencia region. Over the last few decades many, in some areas most, of those are now in foreign hands, mostly Brits. They didn't know what they were buying or the problems this would cause them, which in many cases has lead to a life of great stress and frustration without any hope of improvement. Until now.
The project is called MIT, which stands for Territorial Impact Minimization. It leads to these properties being legalised, which leads to social integration and a significant improvement in the living conditions of those affected. We estimate that of the 194,000 affected 193,000 will be eligible. That's a great news story. I'm aware it isn't the type of project you normally cover on the show but, it is fairly spectacular and affects your target audience so I thought I'd send the idea over to you.
One village called Lliber in Alicante had 298 illegal house built between 1999 and 2005 all sold to foreigners , mostly Brits, 18 arrests including the mayor, the municipal arquitect, the notary public... nothing happened to help the owners until now. Since our public MIT event those houses are now in the process of legalisation, that's a great story.  
I have attached a few links which will give you a better understanding of the project. If you think it may be of interest to your audience I'd love to help as it would let those affected know that this option is now available to them. There are 542 municipalities in the Valencia region we have done outreach events in 4, they're hard to organise. We have our next event in Orihuela, this Thursday 16.03.2023 and another in Lliria in April but, as you can see it will take several years/ decades at this rate to get the word out effectively and as the average age of the Brits that buy is 58 every second counts.

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