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02 Jan 2019 14:36 by simongolf Star rating. 119 forum posts Send private message

Hi All, The Corvera Golf & Country Club Site desperately needs a Sales / Marketing or Public Relations person in my opinion. Now that we are just weeks away from the New Murcia Region Airport Opening we need someone who will shout about Corvera Golf & Country Club from the rooftops. We need someone who will actively call all the Spanish based Golf Club, Hotel & Resort operators and suggest that they step in to turn Corvera from a three quarters finished resort community into a fully fledged residential resort. We want an Open Club House, a Restored Golf Course, a Hotel, Spa, Shops, Restaurants, Car & Cycle Hire Centre, yes, yes i know, all the things we were promised in the first place !! But these will only arrive via investment, there are literally hundreds of PART FINISHED resorts and residential communities across Spain crying out for investment, but none of the others have a brand new 200 Million Euro International Airport about to open on their doorstep !! Who ever is in Charge at Housing or the Community Entity please please suggest that we now employ a Freelance Marketing Person or outside 3rd Party Marketing Company to contact every Golf Resort Owner and Operator across Spain and Western Europe to say HEY TAKE A LOOK AT CORVERA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB it's a ripe investment opportunity !!! Then we just might see an end to the horror of the last 10 years and get the resort we all want and deserve. 

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