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09 Sep 2017 17:09 by LeighM Star rating. 3 forum posts Send private message


We holidayed in Murcia between July and August with our family. While there we had a look round Corvera Golf on 3 seperate occassions. I have taken photos of a couple of properties we were interested in. These properties had a note on stating they were in the process of being repossessed.

We are interested in purchasing a property and wonder if anyone can provide some advice and guidance

1 Does anyone have a copy of the development plans which show the identity of each of the properties built so I can find the ones Im interested in on the plans

2 Can anyone recommend a solicitor

3 I note a number of comments about community fees. Can i just confirm are you as an owner still liable for any unpaid community fees even though you have paid your own

4 Can anyone recommend an agent

5 It appears that the administrator is a Luis Marin Tributary Economist if the information I have found on the internet is correct however I cannot find any contact details if anyone can assist.

6 I have read on one of the posts that the agents request a 3000 non refundable deposit and if the sale is unsuccessful the deposit is lost is this the case. Is it not the case that the agents fee is paid by the seller as in the UK

Any help guidance or assistance will be greatly appreciated





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09 Sep 2017 20:40 by Legend Star rating. 34 forum posts Send private message

Hi good to see  you looking to buy on Corvera.Any information contact chris Dean finishing touch Corvera


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11 Sep 2017 09:11 by noelypoley Star rating. 10 forum posts Send private message

Be careful if you are thinking of buying through bluemed, I put down a deposit to buy after my offer was accepted by the bank. But then bluemed liars told me the bank had with drawn the property, but then I found out from one of there agents that they had in fact sold it to someone else after I agreed to buy it and had paid my deposit. No doubt there was a few more quid in it for them, so they stabbed me in the back. It was great to here Jane from bluemed answer my questions and me knowing she was just lying through her yellow teeth!!!

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14 Sep 2017 19:42 by LeighM Star rating. 3 forum posts Send private message

How do I contact Chris Dean

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15 Sep 2017 07:40 by mib150 Star rating in Corvera / Yorkshire. 105 forum posts Send private message


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