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29 Jan 2018 18:35 by mandymac Star rating. 19 forum posts Send private message


I wonder if anyone can help me, me and my husband are owners on Condado (from the early days) having had the apartment a number of years we would really like to give living there foe a while in the next couple of years. We would be early retirees with our income coming from the UK the problem this gives us is healthcare, i believe after 1 year we can apply for a covenio especial which would allow us to acces the spanish health system byt until then due to the fact we wont be working hence not paying into the spainsh system we cannot, I have Crohns disease and Crohns related Arthritis and I cant find a private health insurance that will cover these sad so we seem to be a an impasse.

Can i just walk into a doctors surgery in spain and pay to get treated and to get prescriptions (I know I will have to pay 100% of my prescription fees) or does anyone have any advice on how I can legally resolve this issue????

All advice welcomed 


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29 Jan 2018 21:22 by windtalker Star rating. 1682 forum posts Send private message

If you intend selling up in the UK and moving to Spain ..you will be classed as a Spanish resident from day one.on arrival...you will not be able to use the UK EHIC card as this card is for UK residents only to be used in emergency in EU countries. …. You will need private health insurance in Spain if you are under UK pension age ...the only way you can obtain health care from the Spanish system is to pay into it ..by taking up a job ...your private pensions are also taxable in Spain the same goes for any world wide assets that you have including any money that you got from the sale of your UK Home.... The best way forward for you would be to keep your Home in the UK as your main residence and spend less than 183 days per year in Spain that way you can use the EHIC card as you would still be  UK residents. You would need to be extremely wealthy to pay a Spanish hospital direct for treatment.

You will get more answer's if you post on the ...Latest Spain discussion ...on this forum.

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