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23 Jul 2020 21:25:


the golf course has recently been sold and a lease has been signed on the club house by someone who already runs a very successful clubhouse on another development.

corvera has been held back due to court cases etc. Hopefully that is all behind us and the development can move forward. The properties are selling quite well apparently and the place is getting busier with quite a lot of full time residents.

corvera is a working Spanish village all year round, so doesn't become a ghost town out of season.

but like all of these places, it's what suits each individual.

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25 Apr 2020 09:10:

Hi María,

I see you have won a case on Corvera? What was the circumstances?

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22 May 2018 19:33:

I was told if you have 1 non fault claim? Statistically you will have another!!! And I did as it happens!!!

i also stopped protecting my no claims years ago, as I was told after I made a claim for theft, that I had to stick with the original insurer the next year which was so much more expensive than everyone else? I’m going back 20 years, but that had stopped me protecting.

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21 May 2018 18:16:

I’ve 2 none faults against me in the uk and they have charged me extra because of them on a number of policies.

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09 Apr 2018 19:16:

What was the circumstances of the Corvera winning case?

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