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14 Jan 2017 16:14 by BLUEPAUL Star rating. 28 forum posts Send private message



we have just completed on our apartment in Oasis on January 12th, we are making our first visit on January 31st for a week.

Are there any tips anyone can give us, good or bad please.

When we visited in early October last year it was very much like a ghost town, has it started filling up ? Is the Hotel open or are there any more bars and shops yet ?

Any advice gladly taken


Paul & Lisa..



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15 Jan 2017 19:48 by Christina13 Star rating. 26 forum posts Send private message

Hi Paul and Lisa

We completed in November and went over in December. We were really pleased with the apartment. We had a few teething problems. There was problems with the hot water and we couldn't get any TV reception. Everybody is really helpful though. 

We are going back over on Tuesday and hopefully things will be sorted if not we know who to contact this time.

It is still a bit of a ghost town but I'm sure it will slowly grow.

All the best.


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16 Jan 2017 21:41 by B4 SWD Star rating in Northamptonshire. 86 forum posts Send private message

There were 7 cars parked in our section! The TV channels may not work with a built in TV tuner. We bought a separate tuner and it works well. WiMAX are very good for wifi. Hiper sofa are very good for furniture, opposite siesta group near San Javier.

 Keep smiling!

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20 Jan 2017 14:33 by LucMartine Star rating. 16 forum posts Send private message

Hi all,

We completed the 3rd and spent 1 week (7th jan -19th Jan) our first visit in the appartment. Everything worked well, electricity and water were up and working as well as hot water; I bought a television in carrefour (cartagena) plugged it, tuned it via a coax cable in the outlet and this gave me access to more than 100 TV and radio channels via TNT system.Plunge pool was cleaned and operational (We test it and brought the temperarure to 40 degrees Celsius successfully). We had only one issue with airco and heating, got it fixed. I'll share details on what was the problem when I got the written report.

So we love the place, we love the appartment and do not regret our investment. Perfect!

Luc and Martine

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