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27 Feb 2016 12:35 AM by zak30june Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message

hi guys 

i put a deposit on a property 10years ago through was meant to be a three bedroom .then a 2 now is a 1 bedroom .i have been fighting to get me deposit back but the say harry smith put my deposit to a second party so i have no guarantee my brother put a deposit of phase 3 .with harry smith he got his deposit back + interest .does anyone else have this problem  .i have the paper work for my apartment block 1 ground floor B dose anyone know if the apartment is finished  and still empty .i know the put all the prices down as well can anyone tell me how much .

its just it has been 10 years of lawyers papers emails and still nothing .

if any of you can help  me it  would be much appreciated .

thank you guys christine

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18 Mar 2016 10:44 PM by Gericom99 Star rating in Offaly, Ireland / Ca.... 270 forum posts Send private message

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Hi there,

It is not clear what apartment you are referring to. The blocks in Phase 2 of Don Juan have a semisotano (semi-basement) floor which is the lowest floor and the next one up is Bajo or ground floor.  So are you referring to Semisotano or Bajo?

You do not explain who the person is that you call Harry Smith.

Your best bet is to contact the community administrator of Phase 2 for more information. They might be able to confirm who the owner is assuming it is the original promoter.


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