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05 Aug 2015 10:06 PM by Giles Star rating. 123 forum posts Send private message


just got back from 3 weeks in CdA and despite some negative comments on EOS about the resort my family and I had a cracking time.I played golf twice on CdA and twice else where, yes the course may need some tendering too, yet it really isn't that bad.

This time of year the  lakes on the course do become low, a bit pants I know yet it is what it is, go and check out some of the other courses near by and then compare.

The Al Kassar is buzzing and a hub for people watching, the security are doing a good job, the resort is clean and tidy, there is no graffiti, I saw plenty of dogs on leads and some off leads yet being behaved,the restaurants are busy and some mistakes are made by the staff, yet the general opinions of the various establishments is very good.

Cats, poo anywhere as they do in the UK and I guess the rest of the world.

Yes, people are loud and the music from the Al Kassar travels, holiday somewhere else if you object to this, or why did you you buy an apartment on a holiday resort. Would you buy a caravan in the UK on a holiday resort if you wanted peace and quite?

I guess that most people that moan on EOS, don't actually take up their grievance with ML regarding the resort or IRM regarding the golf course, just a thought, if you have a complaint report this to the authorities that may be able to make some changes.


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06 Aug 2015 9:52 AM by Gwenny Star rating. 39 forum posts Send private message

Eloquently put Giles


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06 Aug 2015 1:57 PM by kev1 Star rating in Condado De Alhama. 826 forum posts Send private message

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Well said. We're just back from 2 weeks holiday over there and had a great time. The resort is really coming along well.

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06 Aug 2015 5:38 PM by gedandkathryn Star rating in Crewe and Los Naran.... 120 forum posts Send private message

Also just back from 2 weeks a CDA and we had a superb time, the resort gets better every time I go out their, roll on Oct and the next visit.

We have got a great resort that will continue to improve with time.


Crewe Reds

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