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01 Aug 2015 10:38 AM by Skell Star rating in North Stand Lower, C.... 408 forum posts Send private message

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Having spent the last 2 weeks on Condado, I have to say I am very concerned about the condtion of the golf course.  Over the last 6 years, one of the most pleasing aspects of Condado has been the consistent high quality of the course condtion, particulalry the greens.  Sadly that is not the same right now.  They have 'lost' the practice putting green, with huge areas of bare sparse patches, bobbly condtion & mixture of grasses now growing in it.   The greens on the course are marginally better, but a long way from where they have been previously.   Nobody in the shop or the golf society could really offer a credible explanation of whats happened, other than the problem occured following the recent hollow tinning activity, 6 weeks a ago now.  Not sure how that has delivered the mixed grass patch's on the greens, but its difficult to see how the current condtion can be recovered without some serious greenkeeping activity, that you can't see happeneing (Investment & Manpower).  The lakes are worringly low again too.  13th was full at the start of last week, but no thats half-empty again too.  10/11th is too low again now.  Still a great test of golf of course, but I think Jack would be horrified at the current condtion of this particular "signature" course.  Lets hope the rumours that IRM are looking to sell-up finally are true. Only a significant injection of investment, which will not happen with the current owners, can the course be developed from its current worrying condtion.



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01 Aug 2015 1:20 PM by dwh2 Star rating. 115 forum posts Send private message

Just read your post with much interest 

I have just paid for 18 holes but walked off after nine and I was so disappointed with the overall condition. The green are now really poor and very slow in comparison to previous years. The fairways were long and very heavy so not an enjoyable experience and given the scrub that surrounds the course they can't afford to let the course slip like this. 

Will I play it again no!! I had used the practice area for a couple of days and noticed how bad that had become particularly the chipping green where the surface has so many divots and marks hardly surprising that there appears no control over who goes in and when. Yesterday two children were running around it swinging clubs on the surface and nobody seemed to care. I have children too but I would not let them lose just to run all over the greens as if it was thlocal park. Golf greens will just not stand up to it and it takes so long to recover. 

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03 Aug 2015 1:22 PM by kev1 Star rating in Condado De Alhama. 826 forum posts Send private message

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It will be a disaster for Condado if the quality of the golf course is allowed to slip. We were over in July and I was concerned by boys playing football in the evening on the 11th green and children playing in the bunker on the 12th  as though it were a sand pit. Someone needs to get a grip.

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05 Aug 2015 3:05 PM by mageed Star rating in Penthouse 14. 123 forum posts Send private message

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While it is disappointing, I'm not surprised. While there in July on most nights people were using the course to exercise their dogs. Quite a few are also bringing their dogs over to the lakes for a swim in the evenings. One one occasion after a dog got stuck and the owner went in after it, the owner also got stuck and had to be rescued. I'm not fully sure if the people in question fully understood at the time how serious it could have been. Also between the visitors dogs barking and the cats roaming on the complex particularly during the summer months one has to wonder if there is any control at all.  I understand people like pets but does it really make sense to bring them out of their home environment into a heatwave! We have a great resource here and its really a shame to see this happening.

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