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20 Apr 2013 16:41 by Thommos Star rating. 33 forum posts Send private message

Can anybody who is an owner of a 2 bed first floor apartment on Condado provide me with the room dimensions for furniture purposes? Mainly for ordering beds, sofas & table & chairs. Any help would be much appreciated.

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21 Apr 2013 01:00 by JenC Star rating in Arbroath, Scotland. 23 forum posts Send private message

We purchased all our furniture from DFS, who are now based in San Javiar.  They have all the room sizes and dimensions for all of the properties on Condado and can actually  work out and create a computer image to show you exactly how and what furniture will fit.  We found they had a really good selection and provided an excellent service.

In saying that it is possible that some of the other furniture suppliers in the area may also have knowledge of apartment layout and sizes.  It may also be worth taking a look at the furniture store now based at Al Kasar.  We did not have this option at time when we bought our apartment but when we were out last week we went into the shop to look at some patio furniture and the spanish owners were very helpful and also offered us a very good discount.  I think we should all support the businesses on site if and when possible but understand we have to shop around for the best deal too.

Hope this has been helpful.  I am sure there will be someone out there just now who can provide you with the room dimensions.



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21 Apr 2013 11:11 by Thommos Star rating. 33 forum posts Send private message

Thank you Jen, a few people have mentioned DFS to me, it sound a good option but I do agree about supporting the businesses on site. How did you go about it? Did you go out & rent somewhere & then go & buy the furniture? I am going out in June for a week but not sure I will be able to get it all done in that time.
I am really confused how to go about it!

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21 Apr 2013 13:29 by gashco Star rating in Durham + Jardins 4 L.... 5 forum posts Send private message


 we purchased from DFS as It was one of a few options 5 years ago and they did a good job, we have used Condado Services who now have a store at Al Kazar on the resort  ( they have a website too )since for all  purchases who have been excellent and if they'd been around 5 years ago Iwould have used them.  DFS and Condado Services have dimensions so can advise . They also have packages to suit all  and  for smaller purchases Ikea is 30 minutes drive.  We did go out and rent to order everything and then went out when the  furniture   was ready our  key holder went to the apartment to organise and make sure everything was ok which meant when  we went out we could stay at ours.

We contacted both suppliers who sent us on line brochures so  when we came out to order we knew what we wanted and didnt spend all our  time  ordering furnuture- meant we got to know the area.

Good luck-we have had fab times at our place for 5 years now at Condado 

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21 Apr 2013 14:59 by JenC Star rating in Arbroath, Scotland. 23 forum posts Send private message


We did a lot of homework online before going out to see lawyers, sign papers and finalise everything.  Quite a few companies had their own websites and offered good value furniture packages.  From what I'd seen of their websites I was quite impressed by DFS so when we were out we just took a taxi out to the shop to have a look.  Paul who I believe is the manager/owner is English so there was no problem with language.  He was extremelely helpful and prevented us from making a few mistakes in some purchase choices as he knew the apartments, the climate, took into consideration whether we wanted to rent the apartment out or not and advised accordingly.  They also sell all the lighting you will need for in and outside apartment.  The only thing they didn't sell was the white goods.  However he directed us to spanish owned electrical store near by and when we chose what we needed he helped with the ordering of these and arranged that they delivered and fitted on same day as themselves.  They came in one day and fitted everything into the apartment, bathroom fitments, curtain poles, lighting, and furniture.  They were very efficient and took all packaging away, cleaning up behind.

I forgot to mention they also sell outdoor furniture and we purchased some of this from them too.  The whole experience was very efficient and extremely stress free.  It may be worth mentioning though that a lot of items have to be ordered and may take several weeks for delivery instore so this has to be taken into consideration.

I am sure if we had shopped around we might have made a few savings here and there but it would have taken up a lot our precious holiday time and I am sure there would have been more stress involved along the way.

The only thing we would have done differently would be not buying the home pack (pots, pans, crockery, drying screen, iron etc.) from DFS.  This I would have gone to Ikea for as they have lots of choice at very competative prices.

At the time we purchased, nearly 2 years ago now, there were no furniture stores on Condado.  Although I can vouch for what a great service we had from DFS I would seriously consider giving these stores a look.  In the Spanish owned store it is worth asking what deal he can offer you on any item as they were willing to take as much as 25% off a patio set we looked at instore, making it extremely competative with what anyone else had to offer.

Good luck !

I hope you are happy with your apartment.  We have an upstairs jardin's apartment too.  We absolutely love it here and have no regrets whatsoever in buying.



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21 Apr 2013 21:25 by Thommos Star rating. 33 forum posts Send private message

Thank you once again Jen, your information is brilliant.
I hope I can get sorted just as easy. I cant wait to get out there for a holiday.

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