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15 Apr 2013 12:36 by sibecks Star rating. 52 forum posts Send private message

Afternoon all -  I was looking for some help for presidents emails please.

I am keen to propose the use of the recycling water system.  I believe polaris installed such as system at the start of the construction but didn't use this due to low occupancy- 

Having played at venues like the Belfry that recycle the hotel hotel for their lakes maybe this is the way forward for Condado-  Occupancy levels are improivng year on year and at during high seasons the water could be recycled  ~(bath/showers and Kitchen) to be used to fill lakes are water the course.   Its only an idea and am keen to email presidents or IRM or both.

if the 30,000 euro price quoted by IRM to fill the lakes is accurate for evey year evaporation surely the recycling system wouldn't cost that per year to run.  Its only an idea.




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15 Apr 2013 13:02 by ptan Star rating in Los Naranjos Jardine.... 1696 forum posts Send private message

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 The recycling system is for the resort gardens not the golf couse.  The course is a private concern, so IF the system is put into use it should be used to reduce the water bill of the resort not to water the course.  IRM could afford the money to fill the lakes, it fills the one at Mar Menor, La Torre and El Valle, so why not here?  They tell us the they want to push this couse at the top course and get more players here, so why not invest in the appearance of the course.  

Of course this is all immaterial as the system is not functional and IRM's remit is to minimise the losses of the banks that own the courses, they simply dont have the money to spend and wont have unless the courses run in profit.  

Just my thoughts.




Email: phil@naranjosuno.com

Web: www.naranjosuno.com




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15 Apr 2013 19:26 by Sonatigh Star rating in Condado de Alhama Re.... 621 forum posts Send private message

As Phil states the Golf Course is Private, yes there is a rycycling system this catches rainwater and goes to 2 storage tanks, this can then be used to top up La Isla Lake which is the main reservoir for irrigation of the resort. this was the plan before Christmas when i was on the Urban Entity Committee but since then this is what should have been implimented. If it has or not i do not know as i no longer get information? The evaporation rate for this area is put at 18% so we have to basically pay 18% more for irrigation water so all the rain we can collect and put back to replace evaporation is a saving. If it does not rain we have to pay to top up the system. I beleive water costs are being negotiated with suppliers but again am not in the loop anymore. 

Anyway all of this has nothing to do with the Golf course lakes they should be filled by the owners of the Golf course, and as a golfer i think the sooner the better, but this is something i have no control over.

Whilst playing last week a good idea was raised if the lakes cost so much to fill and maintain why not reduce the size bring in the edge thats furthest way from course (Should not effect the play to much) and put some large islands in the lakes to reduce the volume of water, perhaps 50% water could be saved and the course would look so much better.

I also miss all the wildlife that started to use the course dry lakes has put paid to this?

There is no point in anyone contacting their President or Mileniun over this issue it has to be taken up direct with the course owners.



I got too old soon, and too late smart ! 



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15 Apr 2013 21:33 by gabecooney Star rating in London, Herts & Jard.... 89 forum posts Send private message

There have been a lot of threads on this forum recently about the lack of water on the course and after seeing it for myself only a week ago, I totally agree that something needs to be done. This is easy for all to see and say, the hard bit is how to address this in a professional manner that IRM will listen, digest, take heed and hopefully move forward with whomever on.

Now I have to confess to not being a very good golfer and regrettably low water allows me to get my balls back, and I certainly know nothing about irrigation and recycling water, but the comments below make perfect sense to me. There's no shortage of free soil about to reduce the far side of some of the longer lakes and the idea of splitting or building a couple of islands within some of the lakes with the same soil makes perfect sense to me, in fact unless I'm missing something obvious it's a no brainer.

However, there was one more point that Mick mentioned being 'wildlife moving away' and this is something that the Spanish Environment and Conservation departments take very seriously indeed and I'm just wondering if accompanied by Plan A above, detailed and submitted properly as a business plan with an added difference being the threat to wildlife, then surely any such submission would be taken seriously.

Food for thought.................


If the people around you don't change then change the people around you....

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16 Apr 2013 22:42 by CraigLove Star rating. 9 forum posts Send private message


All the comments seem vaild. We need to work together to improve all aspects of Condado. One thing to remember though, which I'm sure you've all heard before, is that if we only do what we have always done, we will only get what we have always got!

As well as talking about it, something needs to be done about it and challenges have to be made.


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