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16 Apr 2013 21:29 by condadohope Star rating. 21 forum posts Send private message

Just back from Easter break and again a little let down
Have been reading of the good news website that the diner would be open for Easter. And also French open. Neither happened and it seems the French res has stopped.
Noted all the good news about paramount on the site.. That now looks to ave collapsed.
Corvera airport never opened as stated.
George always smiling at ice cream bar looks like he's gone under a cloud!
Site said how good the golf course was... Worst condition since it opened and the lack of water and smell as a result is terrible...
Also disappoint to find that the site has suffered a few break ins and thefts and the website warned no body.

Also went for entertainment at clover Sunday but that canceled also. Checked but Can't seem to blame the website for that

I know that the website needs to promote property sales and rental but can we have a more rounded picture please.
If not can you please predict earthquakes, monsoons and tornadoes for Condado.. Because if you do they will never happen!!!

The point being is their a unbiased site the can keep me up to date with what's happening for real warts and all..!


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17 Apr 2013 07:02 by 2littletinkers Star rating in Naranjos 5. 549 forum posts Send private message

Georges hasnt been in the ice cream parlour in over a month....maybe you mean Joaquin, lol!!!


12 Months' Keyholding with weekly checks, just €99!!! Email

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17 Apr 2013 09:23 by andyclarke Star rating. 207 forum posts Send private message

What break ins, I know someone mentioned a few weeks ago about a washing machine being stolen, but thats all I have heard, all of the bars etc are open, if you had looked you would have seen that they are still working on the diner, and should be open quite soon. I think you will find that the entertainment was cancelled on Sunday night so people could watch the end of the masters, as far as corvera and Paramount are concerned there is loads of information on loads of websites about all of the hold ups.

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17 Apr 2013 15:32 by thesimpsons Star rating in Folkestone. 298 forum posts Send private message

Yes just to confirm masters golf had to be on at the clover due to demand I apologise for inconvenience but it was advertised


Neil Simpson

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