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15 Nov 2012 3:16 PM by domggg Star rating. 24 forum posts Send private message


I have spoken to Patricia today regarding the supply of electricity to Calas del Pinar. 

She tells me everything is in place & home owners should apply for the electricity connection with Endesa as soon as possible as the changeover will begin within the next week.

The issue is the electricity is supplied to blocks of 6 to 8 houses from the distribution cabinets. Therefore when the first home owner has the meter installed the electricity supply from the generator will be disconnected & the Endesa supply connected.  Therefore this will  isolate the other 5 to 7 houses supplied from that cabinet & houses will not have an electricity supply until a meter is installed.

I therefore suggest you contact your solicitor to get the supply connected as soon as possible. 
I  realise this is very short notice but I am sure you will all appreciate that I am only the messenger!

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17 Nov 2012 2:37 PM by miguelcarr Star rating. 206 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Dominic

You know what normaly happens to the messenger dont you, but yes cheers for the heads up the only thing that worries me is nobody has contacted me from Peinsa about this situation & as S pointed out they will be contacting people in phases so I wont be bothering you until they get in touch & once again cheers for the info & look forward to a pint with you and the gang in Dec. by candle light maybe !!!!!!

PS How's the golf list coming on.


Mick & Pam  

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09 Dec 2012 4:21 PM by domggg Star rating. 24 forum posts Send private message

 Hi All

To update you on the changeover for generator to endesa mains electricity.
After the original hurry to get the contracts signed as we were about to get disconnected, we are now weeks later & still on generator. As you are all well aware, dates have slipped in the past.
The latest date for changeovers to begin is on Tuesday 11 December.
I will let you know when the changeovers begin.
Kind regards.

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