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07 May 2012 21:49 by Steve_D Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message

 Hi all,

I have an appartment In Brisas and i am now considering installing satellite TV.

I have read on this forum that Freesat is available, can someone advise who do i approach, contact detals, costs etc?

Or, is there an alternative method?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.




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17 May 2012 23:33 by waynejr Star rating. 12 forum posts Send private message

hi i emailed the address on the poster on theb door this is what i got back it wont let me post a link so give me your email and i will send itr on
Thank you for your enquiry regarding the community system.

For use of this service a one off connection fee to provide the satellite signal to your property is required. This is €250.

Once signal is in your property, there are a number of options - please find below a couple of currently popular receivers. You are not obliged to purchase a receiver from ourselves - however if fault is related to your own equipment, we cannot warantee this & standard callout fee is charged.

GI 2121S - Standard definition, USB port for PVR (recording option via memory stick or external hard drive) €90

GI 6199S - High Definition, USB port for PVR, Optical output for surround sound, Ethernet / Internet port for further channel options. 2 x card slots, will currently read UK Sky card. Software updates via USB. This receiver will allow the reception of BBC HD, BBC 1 HD, ITV1HD, 4 HD etc.  €150

Other options available include multi room connections & twin tuner / Sky receivers. Additional connections / receivers can be made at a later stage if required or at time of main installation + €90

This system is a direct from satellite service, no reliance on illegal 3rd party service providers. No ongoing subscription payments are required for channel reception. System is HD, Sky, 3D, Dolby Digital compatible -  should you wish to add in these type of services later.

Free to  air channel reception

If you have any further questions, or wish to discuss this matter further, please find our contact details below.


Graham Paul Glick

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03 Jun 2012 18:23 by christinejoyce Star rating. 56 forum posts Send private message

Hi I live just opposite your development, I have had enormous problems getting our president to agree that we can have a 1mtr dish which 'may' allow us to get free view, as we do not want to have one of the illegal suppliers which bounce the signal. Our community is happy to allow that rather than a legal system which requires a dish 20cm larger. I have banged my head against the wall with this. Bottom line if I want to receive TV I have to take a service, which is supplied by a company which has closed offices, and gone 'underground' best of luck!

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