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06 Sep 2011 00:00 by chrirow Star rating. 30 forum posts Send private message

This would wake some people up!! If people don't start to show respect for what we have this could be reality.I have just returned home after two weeks,which I enjoyed,but there was an obvious tension around the pools.I don't know what has gone on but there seemed to be a (pool monitor) on duty all the time.The maintenance and cleaning of the pool is a costly expence that is reduced if people shower before using because the filters last longer.

Rules are made for the community not for individuals and I didn't buy in a club 18-30 so don't want to see towels all over balcony's The sign on the road side says properties from 55.000 euro if we don't start to look after our bit of Spain they may be worth a lot less.So please show respect.


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13 Sep 2011 14:28 by jsc Star rating. 2 forum posts Send private message

We have just returned from Spain and caught the tail-end of the friction.   It appeared to be between the 'residents' and the parents of the teenage children that had been there  for the past 4 weeks of the school holidays.  The problem seems to be that they were enjoying themselves to much.  The 'residents' seem to think that they have a right to dictate to all other non-residental owners.  While I agree that we should all abide by the rules of the development they have to realise that a large number of the apartments are second homes, and the owners are on holiday.  They have the development to themselves for 48 weeks of the year with a small number of non-residental owners coming and going.  While we were there It was really quiet  the only people mis-behaving were a few residents.   They keep quoting that it is 'residental',  they should think themselves lucky that its not 100% residental. if it was there would be an awful lot of people there on a permanent basis and the noise etc would be 52 weeks of the year. We are all 'owners' and should be working together to come to a compromise.  I sugest that the parents speak to the president and vice president prior to the AGM and try to sort this out otherwise it will dominate the whole meeting.  Also lets have a bit of a shake up of 'the committee' and get a cross section of people on it, i.e residents, non-residents, english, spanish.

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13 Sep 2011 20:04 by newsham Star rating in Morecambe/ Brisas De.... 83 forum posts Send private message

I have to agree with some of the views, we should all try to work togather and get on, residents and holiday home owners alike. where ever you go even if you are staying in a hotel you still have to abide by certian rules like not going in the pool in the early hours or making to much noise after a certain time etc so it is just good manners to respect others and to be honest if my kids were being to noisey and annoying i would tel them myself to behave.

What i  did not agree with notices being put up about not having barbacues on the roof ( they were taken down). When it was disccused it seems because it would invalidate the insurance. I have sent an email to the administrator who replied and  said it is ok to have barbacues ( nothing to do with the insurance) just clean up after, and then in the next sentence they said  we have to get permision off the President. I am waiting a reply off them as to how we get permision of the president if he is not there. I cannot find anything in the community rules which states this either. i think this maybe should be brought up at the next AGM and make it more clear cut.

Vanessa & Trevor 

Vanessa & Trevor

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22 Sep 2011 13:18 by newsham Star rating in Morecambe/ Brisas De.... 83 forum posts Send private message

Hi my reply from Monica see below.

Regarding  the Barbacue, we just want you inform the President in if he is not available
The vice-president Mr Cantrell, who is always in the complex and we know you will have a barbecue,
After that it is just to clean the roof.
So it seems its ok to have a barbacue, just let it known you are having one,  as I said before i still think it should be stated in the community rules if we do have to inform anyone.
Vanessa & Trevor

Vanessa & Trevor

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