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07 Jan 2012 00:00 by Isabella2 Star rating. 50 forum posts Send private message

I know this is notthe correct forum but can anyone tell me what Mazzaron Country club is like?

community fees etc are there facilities on there?

and any other info







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08 Jan 2012 12:05 by jackb Star rating. 204 forum posts Send private message

everything that huma promised buyers are provided,  18 hole championship golf course, supermarkets,resturants,bars, free shuttle bus to the beach...........................none of these were ever built,  HUMA are liars and conmen. all the built was a canteen\bar and a summer pool you have to pay to use.

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08 Jan 2012 15:21 by nigela Star rating. 415 forum posts Send private message

 Jacb is right about how HUMA have treated everyone connected with MCC - but there are a lot of people who have bought there that are now happy.  There has been problems with the electricity supply and water but I understand this is getting better.  My understanding is that the houses are well built and if you want a place in Spain about a 10 minute drive from the sea in a lovely area on a complex then there is nothing wrong is considering buying a resale.  You have to accept that the facilities promised won't be built (there are no shops on the complex and none within walking distance) - also be aware if you are buying direct from HUMA make sure you have the best soiicitor in Spain working for you.

 We did at one stage consider transfering from ACC to MCC but the price that HUMA wanted was way above market value - also I did not like the fact there was no communal pool (you have to pay to use the pool) and to be honest I don't think the properties are likely to be used as holiday lets because of this.  Also I think the bungalows are a bit on the small size and the ones we looked at were packed very close together.

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09 Jan 2012 13:40 by Philmel Star rating. 220 forum posts Send private message

Can someone please pm me the latest Huma email address or addresses. Thank you.

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16 Feb 2012 11:55 by Fighter2 Star rating. 237 forum posts Send private message

If anyone is thinking of buying on MCC... DO NOT BUY FROM HUMA... there are a number of bargains on MCC right now but Huma has no properties available that are not mortgaged to the hilt.

The situation at MCC is better than ever, only 140 homes are requiring Iberdrola connection and that will happen in the next weeks, the water supply infrastructure is now completed and the supply secure 365 days a year. In the next 4 months the roads and green areas will be completed. None of this is being done by Huma but by the community itself with money won from Huma in a court case.

The houses as mentioned previously are superbly built, the urbanisation is beautiful and one of if not the most attractive in the region.

Have a look, you won't be disappointed and if you need help or advice ( for free) pm me.

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16 Feb 2012 20:19 by REIDPJ Star rating. 239 forum posts Send private message


This message was last edited by REIDPJ on 16/02/2012.

This message was last edited by REIDPJ on 18/02/2012.

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