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20 Jun 2011 00:00 by timabhouy Star rating. 11 forum posts Send private message


Buenos dias. 
REF: La justicia oblige a los municipios a costear miles de urbanizaciones
Segun se publica hoy  20 de Junio en Expansion edicion digital
Sentencia judicial que ratifica que los Ayuntamientos deben de hacerse cargo de la recepcion de las Urbanizaciones y de la prestacion de los servicios publicos. 
 Establece tambien que la prestacion de estos servicios publicos a traves  de una entidades de conservacion en cualquier case ha de ser por tiempo limitado y sin perjuicio de los comuneros ( propietarios de la urbanizacion ).
Parece ser que la sentencia podria tener repercusion a nivel nacional ya que establece la obligatoriedad para la conservacion y prestacion de servicios publicos para  cualquier Ayuntamiento de las diferentes Comunidades Autonomas.
Es evidente que la sentencia anterior nos abre la puertas, llegado el caso, --- para forzar por via de los Tribunales al Ayuntamiento de Murcia ---- a que se haga cargo de la recepcion de Sierra Golf para la prestacion de los servicios publicos, asi como de la conservacion de las viales, alcantarillado, zonas verdes, etc.  
Ateniendonos a la sentencia se podria incluso demandar al Ayuntamiento por un posible deteriodo de la Urbanizacion causado por la inviabilidad economica que para una entidad de conservacion ajena del Ayuntamiento supondria el que hubiese propietarios que no abonaran su participacion en la prestacion de los servicios en perjuicio de los otros y de la propia Urbanizacion.

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21 Jun 2011 14:50 by carray Star rating. 174 forum posts Send private message

Can you translate to english please its no use to us in spanish as we lose a lot in translation which just leads to confusion.

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21 Jun 2011 16:35 by jogary Star rating in UK. 193 forum posts Send private message

jogary´s avatar

Hi, You may have already done this but Google translator does a pretty good job. I don't speak Spanish but it seems to say that the Town Hall must take responsibility for looking after your site. I assume they will collect the money via your Council taxes. The entity is your 'community of owners' which I assume you already have? i.e. elected president, committee etc. 

Good morning. 

REF: Justice oblige municipalities to fund thousands of developments

According to published today in Expansion June 20 digital edition

Court ruling confirms that the municipalities should take over the reception of the Developments and the provision of public services. 

  Also states that the provision of public services through a conservation entities in any case has to be time-limited and subject to community members (owners of urbanization).

It seems that the ruling could have national impact because it establishes the obligation for the preservation and provision of public services for all City Council of the Autonomous Communities.

Clearly, the earlier ruling opens the door, if necessary, --- to force the courts by way of the City of Murcia ---- to take charge of the reception of Sierra Golf for the provision of services public, as well as the preservation of roads, sewers, parks, etc.  

Keeping to the judgment might even sue the City for a possible Run-of urbanization caused by the economic infeasibility of preservation for an entity outside of the City Council that would have owners who did not pay his participation in the provision of services to the detriment of others and the urbanization.



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21 Jun 2011 19:31 by carray Star rating. 174 forum posts Send private message

Thankyou very much it makes sense now.

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21 Jun 2011 19:42 by timabhouy Star rating. 11 forum posts Send private message



Good afternoon:
Published yesterday on the 20-06-11 at Expansion . com
This refers to a Court Ruling enforcing the Town Hall of “ El Espinar “ to provide public services and maintenance to the public utilities at “ Los Angeles de San Rafael Resort “, near Madrid. Since the 1970s the public services and the maintenance were paid and run by the proprietors at this resort --- who were forced to set up a “ Sociedad de Conservacion “ ( SC ) for this purpose –- when the Promoter of the Resort was unable to complete the Resort and therefore the Town Hall denied obligation to administer services to the Resort. The Court Ruling establishes that it is the sole responsibility of the Town Hall to provide and maintain the public services and facilities to this Resort and that in any case if a SC needs to be set up, it should be for a limited period of time and it should not be in detriment of the proprietors.
The relevance of this Court Ruling is that it enforces all Town Halls in Spain to deliver public services and the maintenance of public utilities to the Urbanizaciones under their geographical administration.
--If need be -- it could open the door to us ( proprietors at Sierra Golf ) to take Murcia Town Hall to the Tribunals to demand them to provide for the Mail service, the rubbish collection, to take care of the roads, pavement, green areas, etc. successfully or help us to establish a SC for a limited period of time only, maybe with the involvement of the Town Hall during such that period and to ensure the running of the services.
The Ruling is long and acknowledges also that there is a high risk of devaluation of any resort being serviced by a SC due to some proprietors failing to contribute towards their proportional cost and dictates that the Town Halls could also be accountable to compensate for the losses incurred.
The Ruling also refers about the exceptions when such a SC are to be form, under 1995 legislation, that could be applicable in Sierra Golf. It would be best to consult wih the solicitors representing proprietors at Los Angeles de San Rafael resort " Jimenez de Parga Abogados ", who has more than enough experience dealing with this matter with positive results for the proprietors.
Google has done a good job. I hope this will give you aditional info



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