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08 Jun 2011 00:00 by PGM Star rating in Cheshire & LOS NARAN.... 862 forum posts Send private message

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Hi all

On this forum and on others people are moaning about the state of things on Condado.

As much as I understand your frustration, just moaning on forums such as this one will NOT change anything.

In my opinion you have to do something about it and to this end I would suggest:


·         Email Mileniun with your concerns and when you don’t get a satisfactory answer email them again and again, at least this way they know what you want.

·         When you are in Condado go into their office and ask them why things are not as you wish them to be, if enough people keep asking they will eventually get the message and if you don’t get the answer you think is in the best interest of the resort inform them you will be voting to remove them at the next AGM, YOU CAN DO THIS in person or by Proxy.

·         Tell your garden president what you want to happen, although ML are now making it difficult if not impossible to contact your president as they were bombarded with emails about the telecoms issue and some presidents didn’t like it. So now all emails to your president via the new ML Website are intercepted by ML, so unless you exchange your email address with your president personally they probably will never see it.

·         Speak to your garden president if and when you see them in Condado, ask them to inform you of what they are doing for you and tell them what you wish to see changed. If you think they are doing a good job congratulate them, if you don’t think so VOTE TO CHANGE THEM AT THE NEXT AGM again in person or by Proxy to someone who has your interests at heart.

·         Best of all if you don’t like how the resort is being run, then get involved yourself which is what I have done, or encourage someone on your garden / block to stand as president to change things in the way you and your neighbours wish thing to be.


You have a voice use it


A number of your presidents are working hard to have our resort run how you want it to be, it is hard to see comments on this and other forums suggesting they are only in it for self interest.  I have seen no evidence of self interest just well intentioned and in the main talented people doing the best they can in difficult times.  If they are working the way you wish them to support them if not change them DON’T JUST MOAN


Just my opinion



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08 Jun 2011 17:51 by Lynnp Star rating in Carshalton, Surrey, .... 267 forum posts Send private message

08 Jun 2011 18:00 by darren.wilkes Star rating in Bolton/Vegas. 747 forum posts Send private message

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Yes Well Said!


Darren - Founder Member of the Half Empty Crew, Corvera Test Pilot, Winner of La Cata Raffle, Keyholder for the Football Pitches & NOT the Condado burglar!


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08 Jun 2011 22:46 by roadster Star rating in Belfast, N. Ireland. 121 forum posts Send private message

Hi Phil

You are doing a grand job - keep up the good work and hopefully the Presidents can make a difference on behalf of us all.

You heading back to UK soon?  Seems like you have been there for lucky guy!

See you soon and enjoy the rest of your stay.

Malc & Carol




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08 Jun 2011 23:12 by fozzer1 Star rating. 49 forum posts Send private message


Even Darren enjoyed that rant Phil.

Good old british spirit combined with our european freinds you never know what can be acheived.

Watch this space

Let me know if you need some help Phil



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09 Jun 2011 10:50 by andyclarke Star rating. 207 forum posts Send private message

I'm really getting worried now, Darren you are nearly becoming positive, it must be because of all the good news we are hearing, Paramount, Corvera, etc.

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