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25 May 2011 00:00 by raff Star rating in Belfast. 143 forum posts Send private message

I write here by way of thanking Sam & Mark for the fantastic hospitality shown to my wife and her friend during their overnight stay at the Mariposa hotel.

It was with some intrepidation that I had booked the trip for them both late last week. Not you understand that it was anything to do with the hotel whatsoever, more in the knowledge that we have completely different tastes, likes and dislikes, if I say black she says white.( I must point out, just in case she ever reads this post that invariably she is usually right )

This morning she phoned to say she had had the most wonderful time and that if nothing else, this alone made the trip worth it. Take it from me this is praised indeed.

She reported that it all began the previous morning on the quad bike adventure with spectecular views that was, well spectecular, lunch superb and drinks at the pool relaxing. She praised the evening meal presented by Sam as outstanding and said they could not have been made to feel more welcome.

Funny thing was I had been talking down Condado to her and her friend in case they found it too quiet or with no restaurant open on site the taxi journeys, well too taxing. And here they are having the best time ever in the Espuna mountains!

I thought, plenty of brownie points for me there then, my idea, my planning, I booked it, arranged the transport with the hotel and made a not too small contribution, however she parted with the words, see I told you it would be good.- Ah well easy come easy go.

Muchas gracias Mark & Sam ( Keep the beers cold, my turn in September)

May I also thank Eddie and Lyn for their kindness shown to my son last week and my wife this week. We will have a pint in Sept.




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