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24 May 2011 00:00 by WanderingWoman Star rating in Jardine 9, Condado d.... 170 forum posts Send private message

Hi everyone,

We are over in a couple of weeks (assuming the icelandic clouds keep out of our way). I have a couple of questions:

1. El Saladillo Restaurant... They have a sunday show, can you just go for a drink and watch the show or do you have to book a table for lunch?

2. The Clover & onsite restaurant will be open?

3. Are the tennis courts in use?

4. Is there anything particularly exciting happening early June? Ie: bands on at the resort, has anyone seen any day trips etc?


Have'nt been over for quite some time so would appreciate any updates /suggestions for trips you have....



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25 May 2011 14:24 by raff Star rating in Belfast. 143 forum posts Send private message

I can't say ttoo much about the restaurant in saladillo, except to say the reports I've had were good.

Regarding places to see / visit, the beaches at Cala Cortina, Bolnuevo and Calblangue can be recommended as too the port in Mazerron. 

Cartagena, with its Roman ruins, marina and street cafes. Murcia with its waterpark, Cathedral and Plazza. Without doubt spectecular.

Activies with Espuna Adventure include mountain biking, quading, walking tours, kayaking and much more see

Restuarants you may like to visit

La Barbacoa

A bistro type restaurant with a wide classic menu of typical French cuisine. All main courses are served with baked potatoes topped with garlic cream. Waiter service, with a small bar area. Cosy open fireplace in the winter months

Arco Mediterraneo

A Spanish restaurant in Puerto de Mazarron, with seating both inside and outside. A large menu including lobster paella (for two persons). Speciality fish menu but also good steaks.

Amaro’s at El Pareton

About 20 euros a head for a really good meal. The house wine, “Vino Tinto de Casa”, comes by the jug full at just 3 euros.

Hope this helps.


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25 May 2011 14:27 by lindaw164 Star rating in Glasgow and Jardins .... 253 forum posts Send private message

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The Salidillo restaurant show does not require you to book a table and you can just have a drink which is what a lot of people do.


As for the Clover and restaurant - I think I read somewhere that there is a party night on Friday 17th at the Clover (hope this is the right date as I am over then!)  I don't know about the restaurant being open.


Other things to do - visit to Espuna, boat trips visit local towns and villages (obviosuly easier if you have a car) and I am sure others could add more.



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25 May 2011 15:22 by Lynnp Star rating in Carshalton, Surrey, .... 267 forum posts Send private message

We went to the Sunday show at El Saladillo last September. It was great! We had lunch on the terrace, but as previously posted you can just sit down in the square and have a drink. Obviously it's not as cheap as during the week, I think the menu del dia is about 9 or 10 euros, but it was still very reasonable. The horses were fantastic, there were two when we went, plus a guy and two ladies all dressed up in the traditional flamenco dress. It's well worth a visit.

When we out a few weeks ago we drove to Mazarron port and parked right at the other end; as it's one way, you have to worm your way in, hubby was driving so I haven't a clue how he found it! But you can walk along the promenade from the other end which has been transformed since last year. We went to the end beach, which we felt was better. There are still bars dotted along there. We took a picnic on the beach and had a great time, apart from getting slightly burnt!

I would also recommend Cartagena, that too has had a lot of work done to it. There is also a panoramic lift up to the ampitheatre if you don't fancy walking up. I'm not sure where it's located but I'm sure someone else on here will know!

We also love Alhama de Murcia. We were lucky this time as there was fiestas going on, but there's also a very interesting archaelogical museum which is free entry, and a market on a tuesday.

If you're feeling energetic you could try bike hire. We had a blast, although we were a bit saddle sore the next day! We hired our bikes from Terry and Jill at Condado Services. They charge 7 euros a day, much cheaper than the ones by the supermarket which I think are 12 euros a day. Terry dropped them off to our apartment at 10.30am and we didn't give them back to them until 12.00pm the following day.

Another place we found was the Guns of Mazarron. Absolutely fantastic! We actually combined it with a walk. God knows where the energy came from lol! I'm not 100% sure of the directions, but I think you drive towards Isla Plana and La Azohia, and then take the road on the right towards Campo Delintro. Go past the cantina, ignore the first left (which we didn't!) and keep going up and up and up! If you carry on to the top you've got the tv aerials, and fantastic views. Or turn left, and that will eventually take you to the Guns of Mazarron. You can't park right outside, but there is parking a little way back.

Sorry, this has been a bit of a missal! Hope you enjoy your stay.

Lynn & John


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25 May 2011 18:56 by Jay05 Star rating in We are in Los Naranj.... 1464 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Wandering Woman

Completely agree with all that's been said. we ate at the Saladillo last year with kids. They shared a paella and the we ordered a chicken and steak dish and they were cooked to perfection. It was a little on the pricey side but very good food so worth it. You can always try La Caverna if you have not been before. It all done up like a cave and is very good for meat and chicken.

The clover is open now but not the restaurant I beleive but may be wrong. I think they opened for easter and have closed it again.

The mariposa up in the espuna offer a lot of things to do and if you go on you will find some more interesting places to go including la Finca Constancia.

We took a drive up to santiago de la ribiera and caught the ferry boat crossing over to La manga. It goes over to the port and there's a shed load of bars and restaurants there. Not a bad little trip and cheap as tapas!!




Jay & Lisa

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25 May 2011 23:20 by lytton Star rating in Bath & North East So.... 421 forum posts Send private message


We went to the monastary at La Santa on the way to Aledo last year, fantastic place and stunning views. One gripe is that they seem to have put the price of the menu de dia up quite a bit. Although we didn't eat there this time, the food was really good on previous visits. You can also cross over the road and take a walk up the hill to see Jesus to get rid of those calories !!

If you carry on to the village of Aledo, there is a nice tapas cafe just on the left as you enter the square, nice place to chill.


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26 May 2011 12:04 by WanderingWoman Star rating in Jardine 9, Condado d.... 170 forum posts Send private message

Thanks everyone... some useful tips..

We are planning on going to La Caverna (been before for lunch) but hoping to get a night out here. We have booked Espuna Adventures Kayak &Quad tour. We will also probably be visiting Sporting Chance for Laser Clay Pigeon shooting and I think  they do archery too. We are also looking into boat trips in the area

Looking forward to El Saladillo show, it starts at 12 noon?




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27 May 2011 08:48 by raff Star rating in Belfast. 143 forum posts Send private message

Louise here's a site that may provide you with some ideas and all too important directions.

Let me know how you got on with your boat trips, sounds right up my street.

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