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10 Jan 2011 00:00 by popeye1 Star rating in Meath and Jardin7. 20 forum posts Send private message

 Hi  has anyone recently got an awning for a 2 bed upstairs in Jardines.

If so who did you use and how much would  one cost



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11 Jan 2011 00:38 by Hamibabe Star rating in West Mids. 1317 forum posts Send private message

Hi Paul.

We purchased  awning for our 2 bed apartment from Paco Molina who I believe has an apartment in one of the Jardins

This was mid june of 2010,

Paco`s Telephone number is (0034)687457985.If he has changed the number I am sure someone will let us know

The colour & style conforms to Polaris guide lines but is much cheaper.

We initially bought 2 sales from Ikea about 3 yrs ago which we over lapped but even so they still left gap`s around the longest sides.

Unfortunatly dispite Ham really securing them, the stong winds late  that year not only pulled the spring loaded pegs out but tore one of them to pieces

If you go onto our web site You will see the sales & the gaps.

which reminds me that we must get some updated photos

Best wishes in your search



West Mids & Jardin 5

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11 Jan 2011 19:59 by ptan Star rating in Los Naranjos Jardine.... 1696 forum posts Send private message

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 Hi Paul,

A nice awning should cost around €800(ish)  Pm me if you want a recommended contact.










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12 Jan 2011 19:11 by 1098 Star rating in Jardin 9 & Cambs. 147 forum posts Send private message

Anyone know where the awnings can be purchased?

Must be a manufacturer somewhere.

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14 Jan 2011 11:01 by michna Star rating in essex and Los Naranj.... 85 forum posts Send private message

Hi All

my husband is a builder and wanted to buy an awning for upstairs and also one for outside the front door and wondered where you could buy them so he could just fit them himself, if anyone knows it would be greatly appreciated. I want them fitted by the summer as we didnt use upstairs much in August last year as it was far too hot, not that im complaining, what i would give for some of that sunshine now!!



Michelle and Bryan Los Naranjos, jardin 8

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