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08 Nov 2010 12:00 AM by Lisinopril Star rating in Condado De Alhama. 197 forum posts Send private message


A third of businesses closed in the region by the crisis was in the region

Employers predict that in 2011 the unemployment will continue rising, but are "signs of recovery of the economy over the medium term 

08/11/1910 - 00:33 - 
Bad data and worse omens. Entrepreneurs are the doldrums because the blast of the crisis continues to wreak havoc. According to data from the Confederation of Organizations of Cartagena (COEC) since the crisis began, in 2007, more than three thousand enterprises have closed in the region. Is one third of the destruction of businesses in the region of Murcia.
The data are drawn from a report by management CROEM Murcia, whereby the Campo de Cartagena (composed of Fuente Alamo, Torre Pacheco, San Javier, La Union, San Pedro del Pinatar, Los Alcazares and Cartagena) is the worst standing out.
Last June, the companies had to take the lock touched 2,600, so in just four months have been paid more than four. So the crisis is hitting hard yau rapid pace.
"Although there are signs of recovery does not create jobs.Our outlook is that we will not be able to create jobs in 2011 and that unemployment will continue rising even, "says the president of the employers Cartagena, Diego Illán.
No loans, no power
In his view, there is nothing encouraging message "but is the reality that awaits us. To see if regional budgets are able to trace any hint of crisis, "he said, referring to the order of public works projects.
To Illán, the closure of many businesses is "chilling", particularly as it has affected small and medium enterprises and retail outlets. The immediate cause is, as the head of the COEC, in "the fall in consumption but also the difficulty of access to credit to those who are entrepreneurs."
Indeed, in a study recently published by the Young Entrepreneurs Association (AJE) in the region noted that one of the major obstacles.
One of the areas most affected economic activity has been the Beaza Cabezo industrial estate, where, as calculated by the president of the local business, José Javier Gómez Vizcaino, one third less business.
Illán Diego warned that the report of his bosses are produced from the National Statistics Institute (INE), which provides data for municipalities. Therefore, consider too risky to say a number of companies that closed only in Cartagena, where more than 18,000 people out of work.
Paramount in Fuente Alamo
In any case, the employer believes the data are sufficiently indicative of the urgent need for banks and savings banks (which have received aid to cope with the crisis) lowered its hard to give loans to businesses and families, because otherwise the situation worse.
Diego Illán confident, however, that projects such as the Paramount amusement park allowed to go tracing, and asked the regional government to reflect on the added convenience of installing in Fuente Alamo. For COEC, "Fuente Alamo offers cheaper land that Alhama de Murcia. It would also be better served by the nearby Corvera airport, the AVE and the port of Cartagena. "

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