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30 Sep 2010 00:00 by RBrettH Star rating in Bedfordshire & Naran.... 134 forum posts Send private message

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As has been previously remarked on the forum we are now all covered under Milenium's buildings policy through AXA.

With our apartments B&C insurance through Intasure up for renewal thought I'd share details.

The Milenium AXA policy covers:

What do we consider The Building?
The whole of the main construction: foundations and walls, ironworks,
beams and pillars; inner partition walls, ceilings and floors; roofs and facades;
doors and windows.
The accessory constructions: built-in closets, fireplaces and glass enclosures.
The outbuildings and additions that are in the same physical site of the constructions
described in the policy such as garages, storage rooms, firewood
storage and wine cellars.
Fences, enclosures and wire fences, dependent and independent from the
insured building which function is to enclose or contain the land within the
Leisure and sports areas, including the additional facilities annexed such as
swimming pools, etc., which use and enjoyment is derived from the ownership
of the home.
In-built fixtures: Such as
Water and gas, power, radio and television antennas, telecommunications
and solar power.
Heating and cooling works including boilers, room heaters and cooling
devices installed in a permanent manner.
Sanitary elements.
Blinds and canvas awnings.
Decorative elements, such as false ceilings, carpets, wall paper and cloth coverings
and wood paneling that are permanently adhered to the elements of
the main, accessory and annexed constructions. In case of Horizontal
Property type constructions, the decorative elements are those included in
the corresponding proportion of the common elements, provided the common
insurance policy acquired by the co-owners has insufficient coverage or
if there is no common insurance policy.
The elements not included in the concept of Construction are:
- Furnishings and its accessories, such as kitchen implements, even if
these are installed in a permanent fashion.
- Exterior pavement and street lights.
- Trees, plants and lawns.

Our renewal for a 3 bed on Naranjos was about £167 - when stated we now only wanted contents this was reduced to £104 (not as big a drop as I thought due to minimum policy prices)

Quote through Milenium/AXA 69E - a decent saving and the policy looks ok

Just thought I'd share.....



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30 Sep 2010 16:03 by SSH 1 Star rating in La Isla & Birmingha.... 51 forum posts Send private message

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Hi -

I am currently having problems with banco de valencia regarding 'insurances'.  I had to take their policies last year as part of my mortgage conditions but was told that after the first year I could use other companies.

I contacted them at the end of August to ask for a renewal date but got no answer despite several emails.  I then emailed them on the 9th Sep categorically stating that i didn't want their policies & that they shouldn't withdraw any funds from my account for this.  I was aware of the Milenium buildings cover & had arranged a quote from Intasure for contents cover.

I have just received my monthly statement & 490 euros has been taken from my account for Buildings, Contents, Life/Critical illness cover.  I have phoned them twice and sent three emails today but not had a reply despite being promised an urgent callback.

This un-authorised withdrawal will leave my account short of funds as I had sent enough to cover my mortgage, community fees & electricity etc which are all due on the 5th Oct.

Can anyone offer a suggestion or any advice ?

Thank you.



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30 Sep 2010 20:17 by 1098 Star rating in Jardin 9 & Cambs. 147 forum posts Send private message


Thanks for sharing insurance details but how can we be sure that this community policy is valid for our properties?

Perhaps I'm being a little cynical but should we all maybe have written copies of our cover as this would be the legal document.

Has anyone had any written notification?

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30 Sep 2010 20:22 by SSH 1 Star rating in La Isla & Birmingha.... 51 forum posts Send private message

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Just to say that I have not received any written copies regarding this insurance - nor has anyone else I know.

Just want to make sure that this is all confirmed & above board before I go back to Banco de Valencia.

If anyone knows where to get this document - please post to inform.


My eyes have seen the glory.

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30 Sep 2010 20:47 by Jann Star rating in Merseyside and Jardi.... 802 forum posts Send private message

We had the AXA policy emailed to us and are advised to call into the office in Al Kasar when next at CdA  to collect our personal copy.



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