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09 Jan 2010 00:00 by markbentley Star rating in Halifax, West Yorksh.... 329 forum posts Send private message


Hi all,

I am thinking about buying most of my electricals from www.empiredirect.co.uk such as fridge, washer, dryer and dish washer. I have looked around some sites in Spain and even by the time I have paid someone to take them over I still can't find a Spanish company that would be as cheap. Any suggestions?

What is the name of the electrical place at Cartegena where Leroy Merlins is and some of the other big shops? Do you know of any web sites please?


  Mark Bentley

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10 Jan 2010 13:48 by golfinjim Star rating in Runcorn & Block 1 Pe.... 264 forum posts Send private message

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Hi Mark,

I hear what your saying about white goods being cheaper here. However if the goods go wrong its a long way to bring it back for warranty issues.  I was also in this position 9 months ago but opted in the end to make my purchase in Murcia.  Cannot remember exact cost as my keyholder Carol Miller obtained them for me.  Do however remember being best pleased with prices, and the fact professionaly installed by the shop

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11 Jan 2010 22:26 by welshwizard Star rating in Lincolnshire & Jardi.... 137 forum posts Send private message

Hi Mark,

I have to agree with with golfinjim on this my friend.

Mrs WW and I spent far too long comparing various prices, wandering around shops in Murcia and the UK. In the end we went for Spanish gear. 

Call me old fashioned but if you take full advantage of the 'free professional installation' most decent suppliers offer, you have a very strong case if/when it comes to warranty issues.


Love like you've never been hurt, work like you don't need the money and...

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12 Jan 2010 09:37 by RBrettH Star rating in Bedfordshire & Naran.... 134 forum posts Send private message

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Just to add to the confusion I am in the other camp so to speak.

We weighed up the pro's and con's and bought in the UK at half the price for exactly the same items (same brand and model numbers). As we were shipping furniture there was no additional cost for extra items in the van. OK, I appreciate the warranties are now invalid however based on the prices we got even if the Fridge freezer decided to pack up and had too be replaced with spanish prices we would still be quids in.

If two of the items pack up then we will be out of pocket.

Just to edge our bets we have left the UK plugs on with the recomended fuses with a spanish adapter so if there is an issue with the electrics hopefully the fuse would blow rather than the machine!

We don't rent out and so the usage is pretty low so have taken the 'risk' but so far so good!


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12 Jan 2010 10:35 by darren.wilkes Star rating in Bolton/Vegas. 747 forum posts Send private message

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I too bought everything in UK, borrowed a van and fully kitted out the apartment in one hit last summer. That way i didnt have to spend time shopping when I am on my holidays.

I tested everything here in the UK and have had no problems, although the warrantes are invalid, it was worth the risk for the savings.


Darren - Founder Member of the Half Empty Crew, Corvera Test Pilot, Winner of La Cata Raffle, Keyholder for the Football Pitches & NOT the Condado burglar!


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