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24 Nov 2009 00:00 by Jax Kendrick Star rating. 15 forum posts Send private message

........ However as not all the properties have been taken up and therefore not furnished, noise does travel and on two occassions recently myself and renters had to experience the noise of our neighbours, with their TV on loud as they had the terrace doors open,  sitting outside early morning or late at night "talking" with obviously no concern to the language or body noises they chose to use! 

I think a little bit of consideration by everyone to people around you will be greatly received.  The buildings are not built to a high sound insulation spec as I'm sure some of you have experienced!

Now I'm not one to moan and this will probably be the only subject that you get me on, but please think and care about your neighbours around you, we want everyone to be able to enjoy this great place in the future.


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24 Nov 2009 15:07 by Billbo Star rating in Hartlepool & Jardine.... 654 forum posts Send private message

Crikey...........It's not the 'neighbours from hell' (J12) back is it !!! 





( & Jackie if it's not controversial !! ).

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27 Nov 2009 10:15 by TheQuietMan Star rating in UK and very occasion.... 535 forum posts Send private message

Similar comments have been raised before, particularly on one thread in late summer. However, the general theme then seemed to be more 'for heaven's sake people are on holiday'  which isnt very fairminded. I think when people have a 'holiday' head on they can be less considerate or thoughful- often because their life tweaks around and they stay up late and sleep later and dont think anyone else is different. Many of us are not used to living in such close proximity to others either and will notice the noises more than regular flat dwellers- it was one reason I didnt want a ground floor apartment or anything other than a top floor penthouse (which  I couldnt afford anyway!)

Your point Jax, about all the empty apartments is valid too as noise will carry so much more.

I noticed ages ago when back reading some threads that someone had commented on the insulation saying the apartments where only provided with minimal insulation- a comment that was treated to much derision as others were at pains to point out there were EU standards. But the 1st poster was correct the EU minimum is 7% which is very low and many developers will provide more, to my knowledge PW have stuck with the minimum







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27 Nov 2009 13:54 by jeb321 Star rating in Carrickfergus, N.Ire.... 454 forum posts Send private message

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TQM in a resort of thousands of properties build tightly together and in the configuration we have you will not get the absolute tranquility you seem to desire - perhaps a purchase of a private plot up the mountains might have been more suitable for you.

Thank your lucky stars you didn't purchase at Trampolin Hills !


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27 Nov 2009 15:47 by TheQuietMan Star rating in UK and very occasion.... 535 forum posts Send private message

I actually didnt intend any critism infact many would say I was stating the obvious. Some of my ire has undoubtedly been because I was persuaded against my better judgement to purchase at this time on the resort. I say against my better judgement but from a financial perspective, not because I dont think the resort has tons going for it because I do, in time it will be one of the best in the region. In fact I think that more now than when I signed the completion documents. I very much wish the golf suites had gone ahead but think the Jardines and Naranjos apartments are absoloutely spot on- my preference being low level builds.  In saying that I envy the other apartments their glorious views and believe the golf course will be fabulous.

I'm merely agreeing that it can be difficult when neighbours are noisy but naturally with a population density such as it will be on the resort noise is always going to be a factor. We were a bit unfortunate during our summer visit in that we had some very noisy neighbours who either were heavy metal fans or had a pneumatic drill going at all hours. They had visitors arrive at 11pm on the Friday and then started to fit the aircon system at midnight. I would agree that is likely to be a one off event but the music....... Then we met up with a chap who couldnt wait to talk chapter and verse about problems, concerns and trespassing neighbours- at the time this definately coloured my opinion. Week 2 we had people very late at night  drinking by/and using the pool who seemed unable to converse at any normal level but shrieked constantly. These things made me further worried about our investment and whether people renting apartments would return for further visits- I genuinely think if you have a young family these issues would affect a future decision.

I have tried the private villa in the hills- fabulous, but definately isolating and you have to drive everywhere. No pleasing some people is there?

So dont get me wrong I fully accept that there will be general domestic noise late into the evening- and that's not unpleasant. But I was agreeing with Jax that beyond that level it can spoil your holiday. I'd even suggest that people who say it isnt a problem havent truly been troubled by this yet.

But I have no desire for this thread to become an argument on what constitues anti social noise levels- I'm just agreeing it can be difficult.



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28 Nov 2009 13:18 by Anthony100 Star rating in UK. 130 forum posts Send private message

Yes the thread is back.


it must be quiet there now. Is it Not.  (why not thos who hate noise go now) or is it too cold?

What's garden three like no disco's on.....

If its quiet people hate it if it's noisy people complain.

it's to sunny

i'ts to hot

it's to dark at night.

The grass aint green enough

the birds tweet to loud in the morning.

Come on thank your blessings here, great place to be, quiet off peak noisey in peak(although i didn't think it was very noisey), Golf, Shops, restaurants, swimming pools, bars, sun for most of the year, cheap as chips for the properties, and a builder who is seeing out the world wide depression.

You never had it so good

Let's party........(only kiddin)


Owner on condado de alhama in Garden 3 and block 10

Love being in Spain

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28 Nov 2009 14:35 by tomgeorge Star rating in india. 68 forum posts Send private message

And lets not forget the smell of pig sh,t and flies

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