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19 Nov 2009 00:00 by annemariep Star rating. 82 forum posts Send private message

Hi everyone

I moved over to Spain with my family in August 2008 after having spent the previous 6 years visiting the area for most of the school holidays.  I have a husand, Geoff, who is working as a heating and plumbing engineer, and twin daughters now aged 11.  We were looking forward to a less stressful life and a more conducive environment for the children in a country where children and family are important and included in social activities (e.g. visiting restaurants after 8pm! etc)

We were hopeful that when the girls started school they would be embraced by the Spanish teachers and children and that even though they didn't speak the language they would soon make friends.  We'd seen a similar situation back in England at the girls' school when a family of Portugeuse boys joined their school and everyone made them welcome and included them in their playgroups.  Unfortunately the reality is that at most Spanish schools the few English children stick together and the Spanish children go off and play in their little groups.  Even more unfortunately for my children they have an English "ring leader" who is not very nice and bullies the others - exactly the sort of thing we came here to avoid.  The upshot is that they are not having the best of times at school and are finding it extremely difficult to make new friends.  I've spoken to a few other mums in the area and it would appear that my children's situation is not that unusual - it seems to be happening a lot.  I know the main reason is the language barrier and we are trying our best to help them with this but it is difficult when they come away from school and live in an English speaking environment.

The girls are not on their own in finding it difficult to make friends.  I do have friends here but they are mainly retired people.  It would be lovely for me to meet parents where children are the common denominator. 

For the sake of the children and for my own benefit I thought it might be a good idea to try to get together with other people in a similar position.  I'm sure over the years we've all attended Mother and Toddler groups and I thought it would be good to have something similar but with the older child in mind.  We could meet for a chat over coffee and let the children meet and get to know each other.  Depending on how many are interested I am happy to host this to start with. 

If you are interested, or if you know someone that might be and you think it is a good idea, please get back to me and I will organise something.  I don't know how many children there are on Condado and whether there will be any interest but it is worth looking at.  The Condado community is growing and the children need to feel a part of it as well.

Many thanks
Anne Marie




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19 Nov 2009 12:43 by mrlwin Star rating in Toledo&Naranjos 7, 5.... 52 forum posts Send private message

Hi Ann Marie,

I am Maria, from Naranjos Garden 7. I am Spanish, I have 2 children, age 5 and 1.My 5 year old  son speaks a litlle bit English, and most of the times I go to Condado, he finds other kids in our garden, both English and Spanish, to play with and he is very happy.

I live close to Madrid, but travel as much as I can to Condado, where we enjoy very much.

So let me know if you organise a meeting and I will happy to join the group. I think both your daughters will learn Spanish in school and it will be easier to get more Spanish friends wth time. At the end of the day, children like to have friends, and Spanish kids are also learning English so with a litlle bit of time, I think it won't be a problem at all, as kids are not afraid of making mistakes and they will try to communicate to each other.




Maria Jardion 7 N557

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20 Nov 2009 19:34 by thompjc Star rating in Warrington Cheshire .... 65 forum posts Send private message

thompjc´s avatar

Hi Ann Marie,

This might not help the overall situation ... but in the summer we are around for a month at least.  We plan to be there every year.  We were there last year too.

On our garden (Jardin 11) there are lots of girls of that age that come over the summer.  My own children are Matthew 11 and Katie 10.  Matt is already in high school and Katie goes up next year.

Katie is in her element in the summer because she has so many friends and I hardly see her all day!  If you want to meet up in the summer that would be fine. 

Where are you on the site?

My friend's son goes to Kings school on the Le Torre, he was previously in a bilingual school.  I think he enjoys Kings better.  I have also heard your story from other parents who have gone to live in Spain and live on the Condado site.  There also seems to be a divide between children on Camposol and Condado from what I understand!  I toyed with the idea of coming over there to live but the school situation does put me off to be honest.

Personally I would live there at the drop of a hat but it's not just me to consider.  I may have to wait until the kids go to Uni!! Lol!

Kind regards, Vicky :)

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