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09 Jun 2009 00:00 by onecall Star rating in Liverpool, and Jard.... 181 forum posts Send private message

Has anybody got any Fabsil Waterproofer over on CDA that I could buy from them ? I am going over this weekend and all the containers Fabsil sell will not fit into hand luggage. Thanks Mark

Mark + Sandra

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09 Jun 2009 23:21 by Hamibabe Star rating in West Mids. 1311 forum posts Send private message

Hi Mark

I am not  sure if you are aware that if you recieve a can etc of Fabsil at your home address it will arrive with a large bright sticker advising you that it cannot be transported by Air.

I telephoned the company we originally ordered from & they would not clarify the reason for this

We then ordered 4 from the manufacturer but had it sent to Allan the delivery man`s  home addres s & he took them over for us

On seeing the package we noticed that this also had a  must not Fly notice, so I don`t think it would be wise for you to concider taking it with you on your next flight anyway.

i know Allan is due back on Condado around the 13th of this month, maybe the same option we chose would be a solution to your problem

Incidently the 4 aerosols  we has was to cover a large two seeter setee, two arm chais & two coffee tables plus  8 cushions.

It took all of the 4 cans & I packed another that Allan collected with the remaining items because the 4 were not enough.

Hope this is of some help



West Mids & Jardin 5

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