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07 Jun 2009 00:00 by joey123 Star rating. 136 forum posts Send private message

Feedback from the meeting at The Insolvency Service for those who could not attend. Key points:

* The Insolvency Service WILL investigate the conduct of the directors and shadow directors (those who acted in the capacity as directors or (maybe - I'm not sure) held themselves out to be directors

* The vote on the appointment of the Liquidators was made. It was a simple monetery majority by the creditors that led to the apointment of Nick Wood and Ian Richardson of Grant Thornton. One is in London one is in Leeds (I think). A member of Mr Richardson's team can take calls 0207 7282651 - Sam - I think her name was. However, hold back for now, they have to have time to investigate.Their role is to recover funds and turn assets into cash to pay a dividend (eg 20p in the £) to the creditors at the end of the liquidation (I am not talking down to anyone, just not averyone will understand this process).

* DI Spears and his team's 'role (previous asumption made here was incorrect - sorry to ooovvvpp poster!) is to investigate what happened and work with other agencies (including internationally with the SFO) the Ins Service and liquidators to recover funds and undertake criminal action if necessary.  WHAT THEY DON'T need is mass calling of people. Report you case by telephone, if you feel you have been a victim of crime by OVP, and obtain your crime reference number.

* Still send your reports of your own dealings to the Ins Serv (especially matters of conduct of the directors and shaddow directors) and lodge your claims as creditors with the IS at Manchester (0161 234 8351). Also, send in reports (the same ones to the IS) to help the investigation if you have not done so to  DI Andrew Spears (Staffordshire Economic Crime Unit ) BUT give them some breathing space to investigate. The investiagtion on 3 fronts (IS, Liquidators and police.  It IS underway and IS being taken seriously)

* The creditors that came forward as of the 1 June cut-off date amounted to £42million. (I think was Sterling not EUROS).

* The was a creditor claim of circa £1m relating to Sean Woodhall's company/Worldwide Desinations -  as he has died (I know) in a plane crash his interest will be liquidated for his estate so don't be too concerned. Although, a potential conflict of interest of the liquidator appointed is being looked at and if they find out there is conflict they will deal with that. However, initial assurances made are that there are none. It could be helpful even given the reported potential link with OVP in the past. 

* a creditors committe will be formed (separate meeting) later to oversee the renumeration of the Liquidators

* I would like to say well done to the Dean Hamlin at the Insolvency Service. They have done well so far in what they state is a very large case. The OVP related developments from which there were claims from creditors were - EBCC, G of M, Vista Rocas, Tefedna Bay (Or Royal Maroc as previously known), and some others ( around 6 or 7 in total). I just asked around the room. There were a good 6 - 7 lever arch files of claimants.

* A thank-you should be made to a certain Police officer who helped get the criminal investigtion off the ground. I was pleased to have been able to personally thank him. You know who you are mate!

* I would say for now report yourself as creditors to Dean Hamilin, give your information to the police and also the liquidator. Leave them to investigate and get on with your lives for now as best as you can.

* I did approach a few people at the meeting to try to make contacts. I am sure may were sceptical of me and my motives so I apologise for that. Let me assure you, I am genuinly trying to help. I am trying to recover my funds and will to try to help you too, if I can.

* It was good to meet simimarly affected people for some mutual support and also to help with the fight for justice, return of money and to see them have their dodgy lifestyles well and truely curtailed (one day!).  Mr V - good to talk to you - keep in touch! I will be in touch soon with those I discuss EBCC with. Mr W (and partner), D&H, BG etc

Try not to post for a while - leave this as the latest post for a while for people to read over the next few days as I think that may be the most helpful thing to do for now and is the most up-to-date information. You can PM me with questions altugh I will be off-line  from 3.00 pm onward today.



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