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12 Feb 2008 00:00 by Dancing 703 Star rating. 7 forum posts Send private message

Hi everyone

I would just like to post my thoughts about the situation myself and probably many other clients of OVP find themselves in at present.

I have taken equity  out of our house  to fund this INVESTMENT and  am not prepared for paying  mortgage payments with no end date.
I am faced with the possibility of having to  down-size  our house  to pay this off, and maybe losing the money with OVP.(worst case senario)
I have considered all the options open to me and I do not see an easy way out. Stuart Jones told me at the meeting we had with him that his personal view was to complete on a property and then sell on as a way forward

1) OVP and the developer have our monies held in account .
2) The developer is offering apartments he can't shift at inflated prices and then asking purchasers to complete  on a development which is nowhere near finished
   in a location that's far from ideal  for rental purposes.
3) Why  even consider Punta Perla with the investigations going on there or Morrocco a site to be confirmed.
4)OVP are offering to put contracts up for sale at what ever price you consider appropriate.  What chance is there of selling a  contract for a property that  hasn't got  any  possibility  of  the development starting in the foreseeable future ? There is at least one contract I know has been for sale already for about one year.

The developer cannot fulfill his part of the contract, he's made sure of that by proposing phase two, and also the contract is open ended anyway.
Both OVP and the developer are earning interest on our money

 would you let  me know how many you are expecting at the meeting in London, although I am a little concerned it might turn into just a social gathering, I would come down with my wife if I thought it would be constructive eg.possibly instructing a lawyer etc.
 PM me if you wish

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12 Feb 2008 13:15 by gill_malouf Star rating in Stockport, Cheshire. 172 forum posts Send private message

My advice to you all is to contact the following to get something done, Companies Investigation Branch, BERR (DTI) Ground Floor, 21 Bloomsbury Street, London, WC1B 3QW.


Please send copies of all your literature and letters..........you were fraudulently 'taken' for the deposits. No planning permission was in place, the 'contracts' are worthless, as there was no planning permission, no dates could be projected for completion ie the December 2007......they also took 100% of the Spanish Stemp Duty......where did this go? Not the Spanish Government. Also consider Ms Arlene McCarthy, MEP, as she is the current Chairperson of the Consumer Rights Committee.


I have a journalist looking at another Spanish 'investment' and have mentioned this forum......get publicity! I got my initial £5k deposit back because OVP knew that I could stir things!!!




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12 Feb 2008 14:10 by adamtho Star rating. 2 forum posts Send private message

Is there any chance you can PM the name of the journalist?

It is becoming apparent that once pressure is applied, things are settled rather quickly and discreetly by OVP

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12 Feb 2008 16:26 by beenrippedoff Star rating. 1 forum posts Send private message

O/V are happy to give the small reservations deposits back - we too got ours back, when we pulled out of a second property - thankfully we didn't go ahead with no 2!

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