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11 Nov 2006 00:00 by colm Star rating. 10 forum posts Send private message

ill be going over in dec to purchase, who do i talk to over there,do i need to go thru an they have a solicitor available to meet me.what identification do i need. do i need to set up a bank a/ i bring cash or draft and if so who do i make it payable to.are they open saturdays. is there anything else i need to know.should i have a good look at there other development before i sign up. whats this other new development theyre going at. apologies for all the questions, but im all excited.

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11 Nov 2006 08:30 by mandib Star rating. 81 forum posts Send private message

Hi there

You can purchase directly with Roda or go through an agent.  You can also do this from the UK.  You will need your passport as they will need your passport number.  You will need to set up a bank account at some stage but you don't have to do that now.  You should find a solicitor but I would suggest that you do not use one recommended by RGBR as you will want independent advice.  A good agent can help you with all of this.  We used Mar Menor Properties and they helped me with everything and still do!  Regarding paying them, they will give you thier bank details and you can transfer the money from the UK to Spain if you wish.

The other resort is Corvera which is much further in land but looks very nice, it depends largely on whether you want to be near the beach or not.



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11 Nov 2006 13:10 by Paul04 Star rating. 28 forum posts Send private message


You don't need an agent if you know where you are going to purchase, although I believe any charges are paid by the developers.   what you do need is a good independent solicitor ASAP,  My Abogado is based in Torrevieja  and came highly recommended from a reliable source,  I  will send you his details.   if you are purchasing off plan your deposit will be around E3,000  this you could pay by credit card (  warn your bank before you come to spain) ...   If you use a spanish mortgage your legal costs are very much greater than home financing.    

The Roda contracts are straight forward,  but you must use a solicitor to obtain an NIE number.  I  hope that is of some use to you..

A brief tale of woe just to cheer you all up,  A  few months ago  we were in our solicitors office,  an Irish couple came in off  the street in a bad way,   they had been purchasing off  plan from a reputable ?  Northern Irish company and had paid the final instalment,  only to find the property they had been viewing was nothing to do with them. .   This was their first visit to a solicitor,  he was a a small business man who did not trust solicitors..       


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11 Nov 2006 19:12 by colm Star rating. 10 forum posts Send private message

this is a test mail


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12 Nov 2006 19:02 by ace Star rating. 310 forum posts Send private message

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just a little question,is it any cheaper to buy direct from rodas office instead of going through an agent. ive been told that roda pay the agents fee so would they be able to sell without that commission direct to me?

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