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One stop shop for expats in Spain

The Presidents Club International (TPCI) can be your “one-stop shop” to help with your day-to-day life in Spain.
We’re here to help you, FREE of charge, no matter whether you’re a President of a community, an owner, a tenant or just a tourist visiting the area.
Our original intention was to provide a service to community Presidents on the Costa del Sol, to help with, the sometimes complicated, management and legal obligations of running their communities.
However, it soon became evident that residents, non-residents, owners, tenants and tourists alike, would benefit from TPCI membership.

Dependency Law (Ley de Dependencia)
07 March 2016

Ley de la dependencia (Dependency Law) and the importance it can have on your life

We have heard about Ley de la Dependencia and its benefits, but many foreign residents believe they don’t qualify.
According to its articles it covers individuals who cannot fulfil their basic life activities, for example those with physical or mental deficiencies, caused either by age, by being disabled or losing their physical, mental intellectual or sensorial ability. The cover can be provided by both professionals as other family members or acquaintances.
The dependant individual does not mean necessarily a retired individual or a disabled one. The dependency status is normally established by a social worker from the local authorities.
One of the requirements should also be:
-minimum residency in Spain for the last 5 years previous to the request.
The dependency law is really helpful for retired individuals, those who live on their own or cannot cover their basic life activities.
The idea is also to facilitate an autonomous existence in their home, having an individual they can rely on for the basic activities and also facilitate their incorporation into the community life.
There are also economical retributions for the dependency law, related to those who render the service, payments towards the family members helping or towards the personal carers.
Another service provided by the dependence law is the Home Care Help, including services such as cleaning, washing, cooking, preparing food or helping the individual with the personal hygiene activities.
The service also provides Day and Night Residence shelters and many more social activities.
If you want more info or would like help in getting in touch with the local authorities don´t hesitate to contact us.

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02 March 2016

One of the main topics for expats is what happens to their pension. 
If you are moving to Spain from the UK you should inform the IPC of the changes to your circumstances. This will prevent any problems with your pension payments.
UK pension credit is not payable in Spain. If you decide to move to Spain permanently you must inform the office that pays your benefits before you leave. You will need to declare income from your UK state pension to the Spanish tax agency.
Once you are resident in Spain, and depending on your personal circumstances, income from a UK state pension can be liable for tax in Spain.
Can I be entitled to a Spanish pension?
After working in more than one European Economic Area country, it is possible for your contributions from each one to be taken into account when calculating your pension or benefit.
If you have worked in Spain for at least one year you may be entitled to a Spanish retirement pension, provided you meet other entitlement conditions. For information on how and when to claim your Spanish retirement pension or how your contributions in the UK can contribute toward your entitlement to a Spanish retirement pension, contact your local office of the Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social (INSS).
When applying you must give as much information as possible about your working life.

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