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One stop shop for expats in Spain

The Presidents Club International (TPCI) can be your “one-stop shop” to help with your day-to-day life in Spain. We’re here to help you, FREE of charge, no matter whether you’re a President of a community, an owner, a tenant or just a tourist visiting the area. Our original intention was to provide a service to community Presidents on the Costa del Sol, to help with, the sometimes complicated, management and legal obligations of running their communities. However, it soon became evident that residents, non-residents, owners, tenants and tourists alike, would benefit from TPCI membership.

Look after your property
17 February 2016 @ 09:47

If a building is left half-built, unpainted or otherwise in a not very aesthetically-pleasing state the community you can make a formal request of the Town Hall to insist that the imperfections of the buildings or plots be rectified.
 Owners of fincas and communities of property owners of buildings that are uninhabited or abandoned, are obliged to conserve the public vision by adequate cleaning and maintenance of the façades, entrances and in general, all parts that are visible to the public highways.  This also applies to aerials, chimneys etc.
To this end the owners must carry out maintenance, cleaning and plasterwork when, by reasons of public image, it is necessary and ordered by the local authority, following report from the municipal services.
The cleaning, painting or maintenance of the exterior elements of buildings must be done taking care not to dirty the public highway.  The person doing the work will be held responsible and obliged to clean the same, subject to the adoption of security measures required in each case, as well as the licences for occupying the public roads, if needed, in those cases where the work involves occupying public roads or crossing over it.
 Those responsible for the cleaning are the following:
A. Owners of plots
B. The owners of buildings and detached homes
C. The promoter of buildings under construction
The Town Halls also can enforce fines depending on the percentage of deterioration, etc.
In case of abandoned plots, especially those in risk of fires due to overgrown flora, the town halls can also open sanction files, put fines and order the owners to keep the plots free of fire risks.

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