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The Presidents Club International (TPCI) can be your “one-stop shop” to help with your day-to-day life in Spain. We’re here to help you, FREE of charge, no matter whether you’re a President of a community, an owner, a tenant or just a tourist visiting the area. Our original intention was to provide a service to community Presidents on the Costa del Sol, to help with, the sometimes complicated, management and legal obligations of running their communities. However, it soon became evident that residents, non-residents, owners, tenants and tourists alike, would benefit from TPCI membership.

Do I need a building licence?
16 February 2016 @ 12:49

An important matter both for a President and for a community resident is when to apply for a licence, is it an Obra Menor or Obra Mayor and it is important to know because it will affect costs and time. Both applications are made at the Department of Urbanismo at your Town Hall.
An OBRA MENOR is literally ‘small works’. It refers to those works that due to their technical simplicity, scant construction and little expense can be done without modifying the interior layout of the buildings. It usually involves replacing tiles, windows, painting, etc. Some town halls require for small works just a written communication of intention. These works might include – kiosks, signs, publicity, canopies, repairs to roofs and pipework, installation of doors, windows, and security grilles, but we recommend you ask first in your local town hall.
Documentation to be presented with the written application:
• A plan of the affected area on the Municipal map
• A photograph showing the location of the works
• Explanation of the works to be undertaken
• A Nota Simple if it affects Suelo No Urbanizable (Non-buildable land)
• If the works affect common areas of the Community, then signed authorisation of the Board/President is required
• Detailed formal proposal of costs
• Tax (usually is a percentage of the costs, both of the material and the builder’s labour). Each town hall has individual percentages for tax on licenses.
An OBRA MAYOR is literally ‘major works’. It refers to those works of a new build or of extending the surface, volume or height of existing buildings or integral refurbishment (not partial) of already existing buildings. This licence requires a Project. The project must be drawn up by a qualified architect and stamped as approved at the College of Architects. Also, depending on the town taxes might vary. Usually they are around 4 or 5% of the value of the works.
Very important: never start the work, minor or major, before consulting with the local town hall and asking for the right license.

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