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Mijas Pueblo

The life and times living in mijas pueblo its sights, characters, events and any thing else associated with village life.

Willy Wonka Comes to Mijas Pueblo
14 May 2012 @ 13:29

Mijas Pueblo now boasts its very own chocolate factory but instead of Willy Wonka this one is hosted buy Jason and Eli.

They have named the factory Mayan Monkey Mijas, a reference to the fact that the monkeys of south America first discovered that the tasty cacao pods were edible.

The name of the factory is shortened to mmm , which reflects the sound of customers sampling the home made delights.
All the chocolate is made on the premises and only uses natural locally sourced produce.
Eli and Jason have experimented with a wide rage of of flavorings to add to their chocolate.

They produce milk,white and plain chocolate which can include every type of nuts imaginable  but they also incorporate some unusual ingredients like Anis, Cranberries and even chili which is remarkably pleasant.
Other experimental flavors are coconut curry and cardamon giving a remarkable range of mouthwatering delights.

 Mayan Monkey have also dedicated a flavor of chocolate to Mijas Pueblo- Peña de Mijas with honey with oranges which abound in the area.
Eli and Jason plan to run workshops in the future where you can make your own flavored chocolate to take home.

Mayan Monkey can be found in Plaza de Consitution just below the Bull Ring
or visit thier website on

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