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Mijas Pueblo

The life and times living in mijas pueblo its sights, characters, events and any thing else associated with village life.

Cars Banned from Mijas Pueblo
21 May 2012


In Mijas village there is a strong debate about the latest decision of the Town Hall to restrict traffic in the town by prohibiting entry of non-resident vehicles.
Most merchants and neighbors are against the measure and have requested reinstatement.
It is always difficult to please everyone, and especially when changing customs. This is what happened in Mijas Pueblo about a month ago when government team decided to prohibit the passage of vehicles of non residents in the old town.
The philosophy of this initiative, as stated by the mayor of the town, Angel Nozal, on several occasions, is to gradually pedestrianize the center where every day hundreds of tourists pass.

However, this idiosyncrasy is not shared, at least for now, by most residents and businesses of Mijas village.
Some, like Manuel Morillo, have noticed a decline in sales of his craft business, located on Avenida Virgen de la Peña, he firmly believes that many tourists flocking to the town come in their own car and when they see they can not park, they simply turn around and leave.
"It's normal. When you get to a town and see it is prohibited to enter and the only option is paid parking you go back,"says the seller.
Isabel Burgos, who runs a gift  and souvenirs shop  on Avenida Compass , shares his view and stated ."Before, the cars passing through here saw exhibitors, and once parked they came back looking for me. Now I feel I have lost that form of marketing"

Jesus Sanchez, a hairdresser who has a business in Calle Carril says that he is not much affected "because my clients are walking" but he feels that "there is much less people in town."
Those most affected, as the traders themselves point out, are the owners of supermarkets and those with stalls in the municipal market.
Francisco Cortes has a meat stall and believes that The Mayor, Angel Nozal, has been wrong to implement this measure. "The measure itself is good. In fact, we have ourselves, raised the point with the Mayor. But I do not understand why we have not been informed or consulted and have been fined, in some cases as much as 300 euros".
Francisco says an employee who comes to work at the market every day from Alhaurin El Grande, was fined 300 euros for parking in the old town shortly after restriction was implemented.
Also many of his customers come from Valtocado or Osunillas and can not get to Mijas Pueblo without a car and have opted to go elsewhere.
"Many People living in Mijas are elderly whose children live elsewhere. If they have to take them to the doctor, for example, will they also also be fined? "He asks.

But some are in favor of restricting traffic;
Luis Dominguez, manager of several craft shops in Mijas Pueblo, believed it to be a breakthrough for the urban center. "Today cars still drive through the historic center, for years I've been claiming it is a hazard because of so many tourists in the narrow streets, "he says.
The signs themselves seem to be confusing as all traffic misses the first sign at Avenida de la Peña junction and proceed to Plaza de Paz where all chaos breaks out with cars trying to turn around in the small square. this has been the scene of three accidents in the last week, the worst ended in an elderly lady having her armed crushed against a wall whilst trying to direct her husband who was trying to turn around!
This initiative has not been very well thought out and the town hall might do well to listen to recommendations of Local organizations such as the Merchants' Association who have asked Nozal that the public parking  be made free.

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Willy Wonka Comes to Mijas Pueblo
14 May 2012

Mijas Pueblo now boasts its very own chocolate factory but instead of Willy Wonka this one is hosted buy Jason and Eli.

They have named the factory Mayan Monkey Mijas, a reference to the fact that the monkeys of south America first discovered that the tasty cacao pods were edible.

The name of the factory is shortened to mmm , which reflects the sound of customers sampling the home made delights.
All the chocolate is made on the premises and only uses natural locally sourced produce.
Eli and Jason have experimented with a wide rage of of flavorings to add to their chocolate.

They produce milk,white and plain chocolate which can include every type of nuts imaginable  but they also incorporate some unusual ingredients like Anis, Cranberries and even chili which is remarkably pleasant.
Other experimental flavors are coconut curry and cardamon giving a remarkable range of mouthwatering delights.

 Mayan Monkey have also dedicated a flavor of chocolate to Mijas Pueblo- Peña de Mijas with honey with oranges which abound in the area.
Eli and Jason plan to run workshops in the future where you can make your own flavored chocolate to take home.

Mayan Monkey can be found in Plaza de Consitution just below the Bull Ring
or visit thier website on

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Holy Week in Mijas
12 April 2012


The beginning of april brings holy week to Mijas, known as Samana Santa in spain. This event literally transforms the village as processions of elaborately decorated floats with Jesus and Mary statues are accompanied by groups of pointy-hood wearing Nazarenos, known as penitents.

they walk slowly through the streets to the sounds of shrill brass bands, parading from one parish church another, wafting huge clouds of acrid incense that burns in gold pots that are swung around on gold chains.
It is an amazing and emotional experience, and a great time to be in Mijas if you want to imbibe some deeply-held traditions that have less to do with religion than with social groupings and rituals. You will never see anything like it again! The atmosphere grips all in its path, you'll see gaggles of teenagers in ill-fitting trousers and risque caps, family groups and black widows all  gaping in silenced amazement as the spectacle passes by.

It all starts with Palm Sunday when the palms are blessed in the chapel in the cave, the Image of Jesus on a donkey is carried around the village followed by palm wielding masses, depicting his triumphant entrance to Jerusalem.

Holy Tuesday brings the Procession of the Brotherhood of Jesus of Nazareth, from the San Sebastian Church to the Parish Church.
On Holy Wednesday see the Procession of the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Column, accompanied by the Municipal Band of Music (from the Barrio Santana Church).

Maundy Thursday is the celebration of the Last Supper and adoration of the Holy Sacrament in the Parish Church followed by the Procession of the Brotherhood of Jesus of Nazareth, Our Lady in Pain and Saint John the Baptist
Good Friday has a double billing with the Procession of the Brotherhood of Holy Christ of the Peace, Our Lady of Loneliness and Saint John the Evangelist, where an Image of Jesus hanging from the cross is accompanied by cornets and drums. 

Later in the evening is the Procession of the Brotherhood of the Holy Burial and Our Lady of Loneliness and an Image of the dead Jesus!


On the Sunday the children take over and carry a miniature Jesus on a throne periodically raising it aloft to crise of "VIVA LA  RESURRECTION" !!

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a Winters Day In Mijas Pueblo
21 February 2012

There was a slight Icy bite on the breeze as it wafted over the terrace, the sun however blazed in a pure blue sky fighting to warm the day.
The sunday morning ritual of chorros and steamy coffee was played out to the sounds of a peaceful village, one of the joys of life in an Andalucian mountain home.
 Then on the breeze came the distant sound of beating drums, a repetitive  primaeval rhythm bashed out with passion and emotion.
The village visibly started to stir in response to the compulsive beat, small groups of villagers gathered beneath the terrace, chattering excitedly.
Gaggles of children wooped past adorned in bright clothing.
And the drums grew louder! the beat crescendoed as they turned the corner into full view.

The day warmed immediately as the brightly, but scantily dressed, dancing girls gyrated passed the terrace followed by the pounding drummers.
For half an hours we treated to sights and sounds that just celebrated the joys of life on a cold February morning; It was carnival time in Mijas pueblo!

I love this village xxx

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Fundraiser-Mijas Got Talent
02 February 2012



It All Started when Lynn Carroll, a Mijas resident, Read an article in the Daliy Telegreph about a fund

raising scheme  that involved a 400 mile bike ride across India

She quickly roped in her friend Rachel McMullen and the plan was hatched............

They, however have to raise 2800.00€ each !!! this money will go to Breast Cancer care any associated Charities.

Not to be put off they have organised Their First fundraising event ; MIJAS GOT TALENT

This Promises to be a memorable night with Artist and performers Flocking to join in

There will also be an Auction of incredible offers one of which is a weeks work by Bob the Builder, Hey I need My house Painted !!!

Music and food will be offered along with shavings,waxings and who knows what else

February 24th @ seven sharp find the Face book page under;

 Who we are

We want every person affected by breast cancer to get the very best treatment, information and support and this guides everything we do.

Be part of the incredible Women V Cancer Cycle India and travel 400 kilometres over five days, experiencing a different India, away from the usual tourist trails.

Due to the huge popularity of the first Women V Cancer cycle challenge in Kenya we are delighted to announce that Women V Cancer will be heading for India in 2012 and we would love you to join us.

904 Be a part of the incredible Women V Cancer Cycle India challenge and travel 400 kilometres over five days, experiencing a different, rural India away from the usual tourist trails.

Funds raised by Women V Cancer will be divided equally between Breast Cancer Care, Jo’s Trust fighting cervical cancer and Ovarian Cancer Action.

Women V Cancer are also supporting cancer care in India, so £100 of your sponsorship money and £25 of your registration fee will be used for a project to help an Indian cancer centre.

Minimum sponsorship

Non-refundable registration fee: £250

Minimum sponsorship: £2,800

The support you will receive:

  • a support pack full of fundraising and training advice
  • fundraising materials
  • a get together to meet your fellow challengers ahead of departure

We hope to welcome you to Team Breast Cancer Care very soon!

This is a consortium event. You will be fundraising for Breast Cancer Care, Ovarian Cancer Action and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.










  • 285






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The Asian Invasion Of Mijas
24 January 2012

Every day of the year at least half a dozen coaches arrive in Mijas and disencumber their load of Asia tourists on to the streets. The vast majority are Japanese, but some are South Korean or Chinese. They galavant franticly  around the historic parts of the village accompanied by a simple photocopied map.
Others have a tour guide and their pace is more leisurely. They Photograph everything, and I mean everything! I was having a beer with some friends in the small Bar Cueva 'The Cave Bar', when a large group bustled in chatting feverishly. They first photographed the beer pump, then the bar tender, then a few cheap pictures on the wall, then they were gone! We were left staring at each other wondering if we had momentarily slipped into an altered reality.
I have always found them to be gracious and warm when engaged in conversation. One Japanese couple a came up to me whilst having coffee to ask directions to the tourist office, we however ended up chatting for half an hour, we shared stories of our different cultures and customs, quite fascinating! The couple told me how they related to the Andalusian People as they shared the same core values of family, Traditions and food.

This is Aidian Lim and his wife, they are from South Korea, they are on their honeymoon and traveled up to Mijas on public transport, having booked  independently. Aidian said "Mijas is like a time capsule, we have nothing like this in Korea" and promised to return.

 I once found myself caught up with a tour, and, as I found myself swept along with the flow, I struck up with the guide. His name was Juan Antonio, he is employed buy the town hall to and is kept very busy. He speaks no Japanese or Korean so he guides in Spanish and English, he explained that on average half of the tourist he takes around speak one or other of these languages and they translate to their companions.

Juan with his tour. 

You will get asked directions quite often on in Mijas and I'm not surprised! The map takes a bit of orientation before it becomes clear what is where! I know the village, and I find it hard understand the map, so what chance to our oriental friends have, but with a lot of pointing I can usually direct the people to where they want to go
The Town hall here value the Asian tourist and are in close touch with the Far Eastern tour operators to keep them updated with the Mijas brand.
Just recently the Mijas Councillor for Tourism, Santiago Martin, Held a meeting with major Asian providers ahead of the International tourist Fair 'FITUR' in Madrid. In this meeting Santiago presented Mijas as not just a charming Andalusian village with generous amounts of sun, sea and mountains, But also an Ideal setting for the lovers from the land of the setting sun to tie the nuptial Knot.
Santiago states in our local rag "We always will need more tourists, I cant overstate the importance of the Asian tourists, they are extremely curios and will add a lot of value to our Municipality."
It has even been suggested that excursions on the local donkey taxis could be included in the wedding packages.
All in all it looks likely that the Asian invasion will continue!


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Morroco to Mijas underneath a Coach..... INCREDIBLE!!!!
19 January 2012

Last Monday 16th January, A local Police control in Mijas Pueblo noticed a young boy sitting on the kerb in the Coach carpark behind the Town Hall. As the Youth was showing signs of distress they stopped to investigate.The Lad, who appeared to be about 12 Years old was shivering uncontrollably, his clothing was ragged and covered in oil and grease. They also noticed he had distinctive Arab characteristics.The officers tried to question him to no avail as he simply begged for food.

At this point a coach driver who had just dropped his group of tourists approached the local Police and began to explain that he had been touring the Tunis/ Morrocan area stopping at various destinations. He then added that he was stopped by immigration officials at the Spanish border where it was discovered that there was a group of  Morrocan adults hiding underneath his coach. These men were then escorted back across the border.

The coach driver, from Jaen, enphasized to the Police that he sincerely believed the young boy was part of this group but had remained undiscovered. The lad was taken to the local police station where he was provided with hot drinks, food and clean, warm clothing.

The 12 year old was then taken to the center for homeless immigrants run by the Junta De Andalucia, as is the local policy. The Police officers involved expressed their absolute amazement at the strength and fortitued required to endure such a journey.

I am totally astonished at the length the North Africans will go to in order to escape the abject poverty of their own Countries.


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More Mijas trees
14 January 2012

It appears that the christmas tree route was not advertized in the local english press so I am posting a few more photos of the trees for those of you who would have liked to come and see them

This tree was made up of spent shotgun cartridges, impressive eh?


this one was put up by the parisheners of the local church and was more traditional

More recycled plastic this was very pretty at night

This one was out side our house

This was one of the biggest and the most clever...plastic bottles were split from the bottom to the neck and bent back to form flower shapes amazing

hope you enjoyed, more Mijas stuff coming soon x

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Mijas was "rubbish" this christmas
11 January 2012

Gosh its almost a year since I started this blog and instantly lost my internet conection...Well I'm back with a vengance so...........

This christmas the new incumbents at the town hall decided, in these times of austerity, to save funds by not putting up the usual illuminations. This might sound a bit bah-humbug but, in conjunction with the association of residents they hatched a very clever plan, it was rubbish!
It was decided that there would be a competition where various groups of residents would create their own trees in the streets around the village.
The town hall agreed to erect a skeleton structure for the participating groups to decorate, they also agreed to provide the power for each tree to be illuminated.  It was also decided that there would be an underlying theme for all the displays to follow and that was rubbish!
Well to be more precise all the trees were to be made of recycled materials!
The results were quite astonishing!
The structure to be decorated could not have been more simpler; an old metal pole was bolted to the pavement in the streets of the participants, then a circle of welded metal was bolted to the floor around the pole, next wires were stretched from the circle on the ground to the top of the pole creating the required conical shape, the decorating party could now begin. For three evenings a mini fiesta of creativity and bon homm was enacted outside our window and this was the result:

This tree is made completely out of old plastic drink bottles threaded on to a wire and attached to the skeleton! One chap was inside the frame on a step ladder fixing the wires, when he got to the top he realised that he had left no room for him to exit and we spent a hilarious half an hour giggling as we watched him trying to squeeze out the bottom helped by his companions who were almost wetting themselves!

This one was made of old sacks screwed into flower shapes.

this next one was drink cans hand painted with the colours of the teams in the spanish league

To top it all the Tourist office created a 'Ruta de los Arboles', - route of the trees and for one euro you got a map of where the seventeen trees could be found. the proceeds went into the village food bank fund to help feed unemployed famalies

Joy in hard times x



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Mijas Residents
02 February 2011

Hi peep, lets take a look at the type of person who would want to settle in Mijas Pueblo, well looking out the window we have clear blue skys and brilliant sunshine, but that is true of all the 'costas'........

The tradiitional feel of Mijas village, combined with the friendly welcome of the locals, attracts people from all over the world as pleasent place to relocate to. Whilst walking its narrow streets you will hear conversations in most of the worlds tounges. It also has a very high percentage of artists, Crafts people and Writers, almost leaning towards a bohemian feel. One thing Mijas does attract in very big characters! The type of person that warms to a traditional village life is a universe away to the crowds clammering to be beach side front line, or the large concreate urbanizations. Dont get me wrong, most of these are well built and well maintained, but in our local seaside town was developed long ago and the huge concrete structure a now looking very dowdy and a bit seedy.

In my wanderings around the village I will be gleening infomation, backgrounds and tit bits on these local characters so I must rush of to try to catch Lazaro who is holding an exibition @ the 'Casa Museo' So take care peeps, Stay safe!

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