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Mijas Pueblo

The life and times living in mijas pueblo its sights, characters, events and any thing else associated with village life.

Intro to Mijas Pueblo
28 January 2011 @ 17:51

Hi peeps,
Welcome to my blog covering the life and times in one of 'Andalucias whitewashed pueblos '. A jewel in the crown of the hillsides of Malaga. It clings to the mountain named after it some 428m, (depending in which part of the village you might be standing), above the hustle and bustle of the costa del sol, allowing stunning views both by day and by night. Mijas is a popular destination for daytrippers holidaying on the costas and a 'must see' for tourists from all corners of the globe, which are coached in every day of the year. Curiously the vast majority are Japanese', they are franticly hearded around by their tour guides who brifely show them the various wonders of the village, and after a rapid camara clicking session they are chivvied on. Sadly they are coached out so quickly that the spend very little money in any of the local shops or Bars, and are famed by the locals for this. So what do they come to see?
Mijas has more to see that can be put in one humble blog but I shall take you around the various sights over the following weeks. The main draw of the village is that due to strict regulations buy the town hall the the old center has retained its traditional Andalucian caracter. The streets are narrow and cobbled with intricate wrought-Iron balconies and grills, Grand solid wooden doors and plants cascading from pots covering the white lime washed walls. the streets are cramed with shopscurting with ceramics, leather ware and every type of arts and crafts by local 'artisanos'. The village is also famous through out Spain for its donkey taxis, Licenced by the town hall.
in further blogs i shall highlite our other wonders a few of which are;
Shrine of the Virgen of the Rock: set in a cave in an outcrop

El carromato de Max": A museum of miniatures

The Casa Museo: a museum that traces the ol life of the 'Mijeños'.

The Constitution square. the closest 'Plaza' to us

As well as updates of events and profiles of local characters
Thanks for reading peeps, Stay safe.

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Mike said:
14 January 2012 @ 16:36

Have been lucky enough to travel to various countries but keep returning to Spain , C del Sol in general and Mijas Pueblo in particular. Even after multiple visits to Mijas P., we always seem to discover something new, so look forward to your future blogs.

Chalkie White said:
14 January 2012 @ 18:03

thanks for your interest Mike will be posting soon

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