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Mijas Pueblo

The life and times living in mijas pueblo its sights, characters, events and any thing else associated with village life.

a Winters Day In Mijas Pueblo
21 February 2012 @ 10:18

There was a slight Icy bite on the breeze as it wafted over the terrace, the sun however blazed in a pure blue sky fighting to warm the day.
The sunday morning ritual of chorros and steamy coffee was played out to the sounds of a peaceful village, one of the joys of life in an Andalucian mountain home.
 Then on the breeze came the distant sound of beating drums, a repetitive  primaeval rhythm bashed out with passion and emotion.
The village visibly started to stir in response to the compulsive beat, small groups of villagers gathered beneath the terrace, chattering excitedly.
Gaggles of children wooped past adorned in bright clothing.
And the drums grew louder! the beat crescendoed as they turned the corner into full view.

The day warmed immediately as the brightly, but scantily dressed, dancing girls gyrated passed the terrace followed by the pounding drummers.
For half an hours we treated to sights and sounds that just celebrated the joys of life on a cold February morning; It was carnival time in Mijas pueblo!

I love this village xxx

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couch cleaning ny said:
22 February 2012 @ 06:33

This winter I missed it but next winter I am surely going to be there in Mijas Pueblo. Waiting for it.
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