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How to make money on line

Many people are trying to make money online these days and it can be very profitable but what works and what doesn't works. Get some ideas and learn a bit more on how you can make money on line.

How to make money online - get paid to tweet
14 January 2013 @ 17:49

Social media has been a real revolution for many people. Not only is it possible to stay in touch with friends and family but you can also get paid to stay in touch. I have so many friends with big a following on Twitter and I am always reminding them to monetize their Tweets. Yes you can now get paid to Tweet.

There are a number of sites actually offering this service and I have check some of the out and found that it actually works.
Most of the time you will get paid by Paypal which is great because you can spend the money you get on line or have the funds transfered to your bank.

You are not going to become a millionaire by Tweeting however it all ads up and if you already monetized blog it could be a nice add on.

If you are interested here are some of the best sites which offers paid Tweets. - easy to use site which allows you to create your own profile. Advertisers check out your profile and offer you campaigns which you can then send as Tweets. Easy to follow instructions and your account is credited . Once your account balance hits $50 you are paid out through Paypal. The great thing about TWTmob is that you control your own campaigns.

Socibuzz - this is a really innovative site and you are not restricted to using Twitter. This site stands out a little bit as you can also use from Facebook, Google +, Linkedln,
Blogger and Myspace. I find it really great for Google+. The advertisers on this site pays you when you send visitors to their sites. It all depends on how much traffic you can generate but you can generate a serious amount of traffic from Socibuzz because it is so versatile. - you can really personalise this and you do that by adding the categories you are interested in. The advertiser will send you offers and you decide to accept their offer or reject it. This tends to be a very busy site so it is worth signing up for. Once again as soon as your balance hits $50 you will get paid out. Once again this is a campaign site and you sign up for different campaigns. On you can use Twitter, Tumblr or video posts. When someone clicks on your comments which are tracked and you will get paid per campaign. Quality comments equals more money on this site so focus on writing good quality comments which are key word friendly.

It may initially seem to be a lot of work to start generate income but once you are up and running you will see the benefits. Like I said earlier it will not make you rich but if you are already active on the internet it is a nice extra income. Let's face it - every bit helps.




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