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How to make money on line

Many people are trying to make money online these days and it can be very profitable but what works and what doesn't works.
Get some ideas and learn a bit more on how you can make money on line.

Should I Become a Forex Trader in 2018? A Personal Guide to Forex Trading
21 November 2017

It is normally around this time of the year we start checking how much money we have in the bank. That is great, but should we also not be checking how our investments are doing? Most people like to put their money away for a certain amount of time and forget about it. But in fact, if you kept a little bit of closer eye on your investments, you may even make more money.

Traditional investment vehicles such as putting your money on deposit is still the most popular way to make some money on any extra capital you have available, but is it the most profitable way? I am not sure about that as interest rates are still very low no matter what currency you operate in. Property may seem tempting but you will need to have rather deep pockets to pick up a property which will rise in value in most capital cities. You would be better of looking at some of the alternatives which are available out there.

Forex Trading in 2018

If you feel you have been let down by traditional investments, perhaps it is about time you checked out Forex Trading. This is an investment opportunity which gives you a chance to build up your investment at your own pace. Some people like to invest a large amount right away, but equally you can start slowly, and build up your investment as you go along.

However, if you don't have previous experience of Forex Trading, you may just want to get some experience under your belt. Investing with others is a good idea, and if you look around, there are some excellent investment plans out there which can help you. You are not limited to going down to your local investment adviser anymore. As a matter if fact, Forex Trading plans are available across the world.

A Personal Forex Trading Service

I am not sure how many times I have done what I call “traveled between different currencies”. Let's be honest, we are keen to make the most of our holiday, or vacation cash, but when it comes to making the most of any money we have available for investment purposes, it seems like a totally different ball game, but in fact, Forex Trading is not that different. When I last charged up my prepaid debit cards, I realised I could in fact be missing out on an opportunity. Maybe I should contemplate Forex Trading. If I could do the same thing with any extra cash as I did with currency deals on my prepaid debit cards, perhaps I would be onto a winner.

Like many investors new to Forex Trading I was anxious about not getting it right. At the same time, I was not sure I really understood Forex Trading, so I set out looking for an investment service which would provide with the knowledge you need to be a successful Forex Trader. As a woman, I was looking for a personal service. It did not take me long to find a suitable service which provided me both with the necessary tools and professional support I needed to get started. The source of the service was reputable, and to be fair, I had not expected to find a suitable service for a private individual recommended by a leading magazine publication.

How Much Money Should You Commit to Forex Trading?

I soon learned that the margarines when it came to Forex Trading could look small, but it was not so different from making sure you had enough money on your prepaid currency debit card. When you load up your prepaid debit card with a higher amount, you will get a better deal. To my surprise, I was already Forex Trading without knowing about it.

The same thing goes for Forex Trading in general. If you can invest a higher amount in your Forex Trading account, it is better to do so as movements may be represented by pennies. Then again, just like Einstein said, a small amount of matter equals a lot of energy. This is very true when it comes to Forex Trading. Invest $200 against the Euro, and you will make a small amount of money as you only make so many Euro cents on the Dollar. Invest a larger amount of money, or matter, and you will make more of those Euro cents. Not that different from your prepaid debit card at all or that famous E=mc².

How am I Doing with my Forex Trading?

Thanks to the team, I have to say team work is important in this business, I am doing okay. If I had put my money in the bank, I would not have made as much money. Just like everything else, it is important to spread your investment opportunities. Think about why you are investing. Personally I am investing to have better funds available for my retirement, and as I travel a lot, I will admit that a reliable Forex Investment appeals to me.

You should make sure you find a group of traders who are not only passionate about what they do, but are a business as well. The way I thought about it was perhaps a little different. To me, it was important that the Forex Trading company I dealt with was a business. The way I looked at it was perhaps a bit simplified, but I figured if they made money, and I acted on their advice, I would make money as well. That has proven to be true, and I personally don't think you have anything to lose.  

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How to Make Money Online with a Refer a Friend Program: Top Tips for Making Money with Refer a Friend Program
17 September 2017

As we all know, there are a myriad of ways of making money on the Internet. Some of them are complicated, then you do get other much more user friendly ideas which you can work for you.  A refer a friend program is perhaps one of the top ideas. What is fantastic about a refer friend program is that you can find one which suits your blog or website. If your blog is about travel, you can make the most out of a refer a friend program which is aimed at travel. Should your website happen to be about finance, you will find a plethora of suitable programs available. The options are rather limitless when it comes to refer a friend programs.

Of course, if you are looking to set up a refer a friend program for others to use, it can be the ideal low cost marketing tool for your site.

What Are Refer a Friend Programs?

The best way to describe refer a friend programs, is as user friendly programs which allow you to earn extra money, and make the most out of your website. The important thing to remember is to ensure the refer a friend program of your choice, is in line with your website. Once you have done so, you can look forward to earning referral payments when someone signs up for a service. Really, they are not so different from affiliate marketing programs, just easier to use, and not so "pushy". To put in simply, they are an excellent way to increase the earnings opportunity from your  site.

On the other hand, you can as an online marketer, or shop, set up your own referral program, and others would recommend you. This is all about trust, and we do trust our friends to recommend good products and services. Simply put, you are tapping into human nature.

How to Set Up a Refer a Friend Program

You may need to know a bit about the people who visit your site, or buy from your store, should you have one. Google Analytics has an excellent section for this, and before you start, you should make sure you learn how this works. It is perhaps the easiest platforms to use.

When you are the one using a refer a friend program on your site, make sure the program has as many user friendly advantages as possible. Links should work easily, and images should be relevant to the product or service.

If, you are setting up your own referral program, think about what your customers might like. For instance, they may appreciate a discount code, or even a free product. It all depends on your brand, and what works for you.

Make sure the program fits in with social media sites easily. Having a presence on social media, is more important than ever when you operate a refer a friend program.

What Else Do I Need

A database would be useful when you are building your own referral program, or using a program on your site. This will allow you to keep in touch with potential customers, and let them know what it is coming up. Perhaps you are launching a new service or product.

Another thing you may want to consider as the owner of a refer a friend program, is an app. It is used to cost a small fortune to have an app designed, but now, you can have an app developed for less than you think.

A newsletter service would be a good idea as well. There are some excellent low cost newsletter services out there such as MailChimp. Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your customers, and if you own the program, they are amazing when it comes to "rallying the troops".

More than anything, be friendly and get to know the people who use your site. It does not matter if you own the refer a friend program or use it. People buy people, and in our digital world, it is easy to forget we are all people at the end of the day.


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How to Make Money Online: How to Sell your Stuff Online For Free
15 July 2016

Can you make money by selling your own stuff online? I know that there are already establisehd websites where you can advertise your stuff and sell. Sites like Ebay and others have never been more popular. There is only one problem - they charge you commission and have extra charges for things like photos. I would prefer to sell stuff online for free. 

Like everybody else, I declutter my house and find stuff that I don't need anymore. A couple of weeks ago I cleared out both the house and garage, and ended up with a load of stuff. Checking out eBay and other sites, I soon realized that it would cost me a fortune to list all of my gear. I would also be kind of limited when it came to posting images.


Instead of listing my stuff on eBay, I decided to take a different approach. If you have a little bit of experience of the Internet, you can easily do what I did. The answer to selling your stuff online for free is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is to set up your own blog on somewhere like Blogger or Weebly. Once you have done, and used a clever website address such, you can list all of the items you have for sale.

This is a really good way to sell your stuff locally. You could for instance use the address stuffforsaleinlondon. By using the name of your local town or area, it will make it easier for people to find you. It will be a bit like having a carboot sale online, and rather fun as well. Potential buyers can come and see the items, and pay cash. Alternatively, you can also accept payment by Paypal which is what I did for most of the items. By the end of the week, I had sold most of the stuff, and was another €178 richer. 


Yes, I know that I could have taken my stuff charity shops, or consignement shops, but I would probably not have got that much for it. One final tip, if you have Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter accounts, don't forget to use your social media. As a matter of fact, most people saw my stuff on Pinterest, and clicked through to my site. Is it for you? If you have a little bit of Internet experience, and a Pinterest account, I think it is something that could certainly work for you. 

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How to Make Money Online: How to Make Money in Your Lunch Hour
02 July 2016

Most of us have lunch of us have lunch in the office these days. Having lunch in the office often means that we sit in front of our computer and surf the Internet. Why not make some money while you are having your lunch?


It may surprise you, but there are many ways in which you can make money during your lunch break. Once you start looking around the Internet, you will find that there are many little jobs you can do.




Do you have your own website? If you have your own blog, and enjoy writing on informative topics, you should try to do make your blog into a money earning blog. You can do so by adding Adsense, a news feed or another advertising program available on the Internet.


Affiliate Marketing


Your own website can be monetized in other ways as well. Affiliate marketing is one way of doing so. This is when you sell products from sites like Amazon. Signing up for Amazon does not cost anything at all, and it only takes a few minutes. You can virtually affiliate market anything you like, but make sure that it is relevant to your site. So, if you are blogging about baking, try selling affiliate products such as cake tins. You may even have used the cake, and you could write a review about the cake tin. Let your readers know what you found good about it. Adding products to your blog is easy, and only takes a few minutes.


Taking Surveys


You can also spend your lunch time taking surveys. I have a friend who does a lot of surveys online during her lunch break, and can easily earn about $100 per week. Like she says, her surveys now pay her grocer bills. Most survey companies pay by Paypal which means that any earned cash is easy to access.


Writing Short Articles


You could sign up for an article sites such as iWriter or Fiverr, and start to write short articles. Most 500 words articles take about 15 minutes to complete, and once you get up to a higher level on iWriter, you can earn about $30 per hour. Do that a few times per week, and you will have some extra spending money. You can sign up for iWriter by following this link.


Of course, there are many other earnings opportunities out there online, and it is a matter of finding one that suits you. You may even want to start writing your own eBook. You will need about 12,000 words, and then you should be ready to publish.

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How to Make Money Online: How to Make Money Online Writing Porn
30 June 2016

I have a friend who has been writing and working online for a longer time than I have. She was the first of my friends to get seriously involved with earning money online, and started to earn big money quickly. For a long time, she kept things very close to her chest, and did not tell me a lot about it. However, one day, she told me the secret to her success and how she earned so much money writing online.

Tina had no particular experience of writing, but she joined a writing site and picked up any article that she could get hold of straight away. She wrote her heart out for very little money at first, but soon her earnings started to increase dramatically. Within six months of writing online, and working online, she was earning $1000 per week. That is a lot of money, and she seemed to enjoy her online writing career as well. Tina said that she never researched an article, she claimed that she "went for it". Also, she said that she had more work than she could handle, and had clients waiting to get articles written by her.

During around the same time, she had also got heavily into affiliate marketing and was doing well with her affiliate marketing schemes. When I finally found out what she was writing about I was a bit surprise. "Porn", she said"it is as simple as that". She continued "some of the people I do work for market all sorts of adult things, and I have started doing the same." Tina has always been good with fiction, and enjoyed writing stories in college. She hung on to her talent, and turned into a writer of porn fiction and marketing adult "things" as she says.

I was just reminded of her story as I have just an email from her. She has just "flipped" (sold) one of her adult sites for a tidy amount. Despite her success, she is still active on Fiverr and continues to write porn. Her next things is going to be to punlish an erotic novel she says. What I can I say? From Hertfordshire receptionist to well paid porn writer is less than six months.  Did I say? She has chucked in the receptionist job after two years and now works full-time online. She takes her job seriously and puts in an eight hour day 5 days a week. 

Apparently, porn, or sensual writing, is one of the best earners on the Internet, so if you want to earn some serious cash online, maybe you should check it out. Lots of people do not want to write porn, and this is one of the reasons porn writers earn such good money. It also helps if you have a proffessional attitude towards your online work and oline writing. That is when your efforts really going start paying off!

Maybe it is about time more of us took a look at writing porn to make money online and earn money online. It could have surprising results!


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How to Make Money Online: How to Look After your Money Online
25 June 2016

Now after the UK has started the Brexit process, we online workers need to take a look at how we get paid and how we look after the money that we earn online. I am sure that we all agree that the next few years might be a real rollercoaster ride for a lot of people financially. Looking after both savings and earnings will be a top priority.


First of all, there is a lot of rumours that Paypal is going to turn itself into an international bank. Many of you out there may already have a debit card from Paypal. I think that Paypal debit cards are great and I must admit that I have one. You have all of the guarantess of Paypal, and it can still be used as a debit card in the "real world". On a recent visit to the United States, I was amazed at the amount of Americans who had Paypal debit cards. If you work online, it is one of the options you should consider. Speaking to people in United States, it is clear that they were expecting Paypal to become a bank under the new directors of the company.

Most people who work online are paid in US dollars. The question is, should you keep your money in US dollars or convert it. As the currency markets look to be very volatile over the next few years, it might be a good idea to keep your funds in US dollars. Lots of banks do offer US dollars accounts and other currency accounts. For ex-pats, one of the best banks is HSBC, but you do have to be prepared to keep a rather too substantial amount of in your current account. If you are considering opening an off-shore bank account, it could be a good idea to speak to a financial adviser.


Savings are important as well. Once again, it depends on your personal circumstances. You can hold your savings in all sorts of ways these days, but unless you have a substantial amount to invest, it is best to hold them in a currency. There are still ways to avoid paying tax on your savings. Many people who make their living online have started offshore companies, and bill their clients from those. It is a lot easier and common practice for most people working in cyberspace. Do remember to speak to a professional. If you are not confident, or do not feel confident in the person giving you advice, walk away. It is really important to have confidence in your financial adviser. After all, you are likely to be working together for a long time. 


Pensions are important for online workers as well. You may not be able to work online for the rest of your life, and that residual income, may not be there one day. There are a lot of good pension schemes out there for online workers or the self employed. Have a look at those and see if they suit you. You may even be able to transfer in other pensions or savings. 


The world economy will be a challenge for all of us after the Brexit. I am sure that we will manage, but it might be better to seek some professional financial advice sooner rather than later. 

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What is The Cost of a Brexit?
22 June 2016

What is the true cost of a Brexit? Never mind the loss of jobs, but how much would it actually cost the UK to go through a Brexit process? I keep on wondering if this is not the one question that we have all forgotten to ask. If, the UK does vote leave, how much would the process of exiting the EU cost?


It is important to talk about all expects of a Brexit. True, at the moment we are less than a day away from the referendum, but should we not have asked how much it would cost the UK to unravel all of the administration and truly separate itself from the EU block. The membership of the European Union may benefit the UK in many ways, and I am sure that the UK is better in than out. After all, the UK will still have to trade with the EU. Free movement of goods in the EU means a lot more than pound signs to a lot of people. Some people out there may remember the long queues of lorries waiting to be inspected by customs officers on European borders. Endless amount of paperwork to be filled in, and lorry drivers taking a long time to come home.

What about the good folk that have transfered their health insurance rights to other nations, how will they fair? There is an endless list of questions that people have not asked and information that the various fanctions of the LEAVE and REMAIN campaign have not come up with it.

Would it not be better to improve things from within instead? Once we have unraveled it all, I am sure that the final toll on the UK economy will be significant. The information given by the two parties seem to have ended up virtunally meaningless because nobody trusts the information or the people producing it. What is the true physical cost of a going through a Brexit process?

Let's be honest, a Brexit is not likely to affect the earnings of most politicians, but it is very likely to affect the average person. Sir Philip Green will be sitting pretty on one of his yachts in Monaco. Cameron has his personal wealth to fall back on, but what about the rest of the people? If the UK does leave, the average person will more than likely be paying in many different ways for a Brexit. What do you think? 

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How to Make Money Online with Amazon Affiliates: Making Money with Amazon Affiliates
21 June 2016

You have probably heard about Amazon affiliates. Lots of people have heard about affiliate marketing and believe that they have to have their own website to market a product. That is not true at all. I do all kinds of affiliate marketing (marketing selling company's products) but I don't always use my own sites.


One of the best places to market Amazon affiliate products is on Hubpages. I have been on Hubpages since 2012, and I have a couple of articles selling affiliate product on Hubpages. At first, I was not so sure that it would work selling affiliate products on a general content mill but it certainly does. Every day, I sell something and I normally earn about $10 per day from my affiliate sales.


It is important to have a well-written article. Pick a subject that you know pretty well, and don't directly market the item. My articles about cellulite markets several items, but I don't mention any of them by name. I just talk about the concept in general, and it seems to work. Every day my How to get rid off cellulite fast article does a good for me and sells at least one item.


To be honest, I think that the top tip is to make sure that the item you market is not too expensive. I never market expensive products at all. I did try doing that on Hubpages, but it did not really work for me. Most people seem to be happy to buy and item worth up to about $20, so you should aim for the bracket of $5 to $20.


Hubpages is really user friendly and you don't have to have technical knowledge to use it. I love it and try to be as active as I can. The best thing is that if you have a really good article, you can get in pinned on Pinterest, somebody may add it to their Twitter or Facebook. As my articles are health focused articles, it happens to me a lot. That is a great way of getting some marketing without you having to do any work. Somebody else does it for you, but you get the benefits of hopefully making a sale.


Sign up for Hubpages here, and read more about Amazon affiliates right here on Eye of Spain. But, with Hubpages you don't need to sign up for a separate Amazon affiliate account. They have their own inhouse Amazon program.  

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How to Make money with iWriter: How to Earn $300 Per Week From Home with Iwriter
03 June 2016

Read a genuine iWriter review, find out that the site is not a scam, and learn how you can earn $300 (€265) per week by working smart not hard. iWriter is a legitimate online earnings opportunity.


Can you earn decent money from home by writing online? Of course, you can, but you need to get established first of all. Lots of people say that earning money from home is a scam, but you Can earn decent money working from home. There are several ways of doing so, and you should always make the most of your natural talent.


If, you have a talent for writing, you should check out sites such as iWriter. I have tried several different writing sites, but iWriter is the best site I have come across. There are other sites out there, but if you want to start to earn money quickly, iWriter is the best site.


What Is iWriter?


The concept of iWriter is simple. Content is what makes the Internet work, and if you have your own site, you need a lot of content. Most webmasters are not natural writers. They may understand things like keywords and programming, but may not be that great at stringing a sentence together. That is where iWriter comes in. iWriter is not a scam, and you should be careful when you read iWriter reviews. Some writers have not succeeded on iWriter, they are normally the ones responsible for negative iWriter reviews. The iWriter site is not a scam and you get paid every week via Paypal. During the two years I have worked on the site, I have never not received a payment.


How to Succeed on iWriter


You can succeed on iWriter, but you need to work smart. The first thing you need to do is to take a simple test. Once you have passed that, you can start using the iWriter site. The test is very simple, and it will only take a few minutes.


After having passed you test, you will notice that iWriter has different levels of writers. You start on Standard level, progress to Premium, next comes Elite and finally Elite Plus. This is where the big money can be found on iWriter. Once, you have hit a level, try to write articles on this level. In other words, once you have reached premium status, only write Premium level articles. This gives you credibility and you will earn more money that way.


Getting to Your Level


I focused on writing as many articles as possible in the first week, and I got good ratings from my articles. That is another thing you must keep in mind with iWriter. You do get rated by the “requesters” ( the people who would like articles). During the first week try to be on top of your game, and write to a really high standard. I achieved elite status quickly by focusing and making iWriter my project for a week. Writing at a higher level will make your more money, it is as simple as that.


Article Price


The article price is low to start with and you will get paid $2.58 for 500 words. That may not seem a lot, but the aim is to make progress quickly. You can select any article you like from the general writing pool on iWriter at your level, and you will need to write about 30 articles to reach the next level. Don't worry, there are plenty of standard articles on iWriter. I wrote 30 articles in my first three days and earned $77.40. After that I moved up to Premium level and I started to earn $4.46 per 500 words. After another few articles, I reached Elite Level and started to earn $8.10 per 500 word article.


Some Quick Maths


My top tip for iWriter is to work smart not hard. By that I mean you should write on topics that you are familiar with on a personal or professional basis. When you know you topic, it may only take you 30 minutes, or less, to write a 500 words that topic. So, if you write 10 articles per day at Elite level status, you can earn $81.00 per day. Working five days per week, that would mean that you could earn $405 per week.


I don't have time to spend all of my time on iWriter as I have private clients as well. If, I have a slow week with my private clients, I do take on more articles on iWriter. In an average week, I earn about $300 on iWriter but it can be as much as $500.


Topics on iWriter


There are thousands of requesters on iWriter, so the range of topics is immense. You will come across anything from porn to more serious topics. The most popular articles on iWriter are probably reviews of different kinds and travel articles. All are achievable but it is important that you read the instructions.


Your Own Client Base


What attracted me to iWriter was the opportunity to create my own client base. Now, I only write special requests at Elite level. I do write some articles at Elite Plus level but they must be high paying for me to do. I can get as much as $55 for 1000 words at Elite Plus level.


I have been able to attract my own client base, and that is what you should aim to do. When I first started out, I used to “pitch” a lot. In other words, I contacted requesters and told them about my expertise in certain subject. To be honest, that is how I gained much of my client base. Most of them are regulars now, and I get several requests through from each requester every month. By the end of the month, I have normally earned at least $1,400.00 (€1230) from iWriter.


Avoid Fast Tracking and Save Money - Earn while You Learn!


You can fast track to Elite level, but that means that you need to pay iWriter money. There is no need to do so. By writing well, and writing smart, it is easy to enough to hit Elite level. You are better of getting there by writing articles as you learn a lot along the way. It is the best way to get known on the site and the cheapest. Why pay out for something that you don't need to pay out for in the first place. Keep the money in your packet, and start earning with iWriter straight away instead. You can register on iWriter by clicking here. It only takes a few minutes and you don't have anything to lose.  As a matter of fact, you will soon have a nice amount of money hitting your Paypal account. 

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Get In on the Ground with This One: New Blog Will Help You to Make Money Online
10 June 2014

Sometimes it is a good idea to get in on the ground floor with a new site.

If you are writing on the internet to earn money, it is vital to find and stay on top of income and revenue streams.


As we all know there are many different ways to earn money on the net but it is finding the best sources.


Bubblews is a site which has proven to be a successful option for many but now there is also a new site joining the ranks. The name of this new site is called MyBizziBlog and at the moment you can take advantage of premium features. But you need to hurry up, your sign up needs to be completed before June 20. If you are interested you can join up here.


I quite like the idea of this site as it features both Adsense and Chitika which is quite unusual.


There are also a lot of other features which sound good at here is a quick list:


  • Built in SEO features
  • Storage up to 600 MB
  • Post from any device
  • Various Blog Themes

You will also be able to monetize your blog. Now I can’t tell you how much you are going to earn but it sounds really good for me so I am going to sign up for it.


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