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What is The Cost of a Brexit?
22 June 2016 @ 17:45

What is the true cost of a Brexit? Never mind the loss of jobs, but how much would it actually cost the UK to go through a Brexit process? I keep on wondering if this is not the one question that we have all forgotten to ask. If, the UK does vote leave, how much would the process of exiting the EU cost?


It is important to talk about all expects of a Brexit. True, at the moment we are less than a day away from the referendum, but should we not have asked how much it would cost the UK to unravel all of the administration and truly separate itself from the EU block. The membership of the European Union may benefit the UK in many ways, and I am sure that the UK is better in than out. After all, the UK will still have to trade with the EU. Free movement of goods in the EU means a lot more than pound signs to a lot of people. Some people out there may remember the long queues of lorries waiting to be inspected by customs officers on European borders. Endless amount of paperwork to be filled in, and lorry drivers taking a long time to come home.

What about the good folk that have transfered their health insurance rights to other nations, how will they fair? There is an endless list of questions that people have not asked and information that the various fanctions of the LEAVE and REMAIN campaign have not come up with it.

Would it not be better to improve things from within instead? Once we have unraveled it all, I am sure that the final toll on the UK economy will be significant. The information given by the two parties seem to have ended up virtunally meaningless because nobody trusts the information or the people producing it. What is the true physical cost of a going through a Brexit process?

Let's be honest, a Brexit is not likely to affect the earnings of most politicians, but it is very likely to affect the average person. Sir Philip Green will be sitting pretty on one of his yachts in Monaco. Cameron has his personal wealth to fall back on, but what about the rest of the people? If the UK does leave, the average person will more than likely be paying in many different ways for a Brexit. What do you think? 

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GB45 said:
23 June 2016 @ 17:46

Of course it would be better to improve things from within the EU but that will never happen, unfortunately. If we vote to remain, that will be that. Now if we vote to leave, who knows? Maybe short term pain is worth the long term gain.

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