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Hmmm, barium blocks toilets!
11 February 2012 @ 17:01

Although most of the barium was drained out of me on Thursday morning I was told to ensure I ate high fibre foods like granary bread, Fruit 'n Fibre cereal, baked beans etc which would stop constipation which could likely occur otherwise. I was told my faeces would be white for up to 36 hours too. What they didn't say was the barium was like sludge & could well be a problem flushing it away.

We thought we'd get round that by keeping a large bucket in the bathroom & chucking water from that into the WC. After Googling I decided I was worried the barium would clog up the WC out of sight so this morning when it wouldn't flush away I donned a pair of Marigolds & gently put my hand down the pan & carefully managed to retrieve the barium ... which was like thick white sludge that tried to slide out of my fingers... & after a long discussion about which recycling bin it should go in it was decided it was ending up in the wheelie bin.

My husband was talking about burying it in the garden but it's solid ground out there seeing as the temps -2C & I persuaded him not to fuss quite so much. Subsequent 'dumps' have flushed away without problems, getting back to normality fast.


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foxbat said:
11 February 2012 @ 23:26

Hope all goes ok for you.
Not had the procedure you refer to but have had to undergo a couple of barium meals in the distant past as part of an attempt to diagnose digestive problems. Not nice... I have a strong gag reflex and the first time I attempted to sip / drink this devil's brew, the consultant wound up wearing it... it was also spattered and pebble-dashed all over the x-ray equipment! since then anything with the consistency of Yoghurt or custard is a definite no-no!

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