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Countdown to my barium enema xray
07 February 2012 @ 23:04

Thursday 9th February is my barium enema xray so today I was only to eat low fibre food. As the xray dept didn't tell me WHAT to eat I ate two slices of white toast with the minimal of margarine (& black coffee which I'd have anyway) for a late breakfast then three small white rolls with chicken breast & a teeny bit of mayonaise so it wasn't so dry. I'd Googled for low fibre diets & it said I could eat chicken also mayonaise but I really wasn't sure. I do not want to have to repeat the xrays if I've done something wrong!

Tomorrow at 7.30am I have to add a strong laxative (Citramag powder) to 200ml of hot water then cool it & drink at 8am then I have to take a 2nd dose between 2pm & 4pm. I can eat a boiled or poached egg with white bread for breakfast after drinking the 1st Citramag & the same for lunch (with cheese & clear soup if I want) before the 2nd Citramag. nothing solid to eat afterwards till after the test at 10.20am Thursday. I'm allowed black tea, black coffee, Lucozade, clear soup, water, fizzy drinks tomorrow & Thursday.


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Karen said:
08 February 2012 @ 02:24

My husband has had quite a few of those. Let me warn you, the drink you have to take tomorrow taste vile. Better to add some juice to it.

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