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8th February: Preparation day
09 February 2012 @ 17:19

8th February: 7.30am  I prepared the 1st Citramag to drink at 8am. I had to put 200ml of hot water into a large wide mouthed jug as it fizzes up LOADS! It was like adding water to Andrews Liver salts & it fizzed violently for ages as I stirred it. I shouldn't have looked into it as it had fumes coming from it that almost took my breath away. You could smell the lime & lemon, which it was flavoured with, all over the house.

At 8am it was cold & looked slightly milky. I was expecting it to taste disgusting but it thankfully was very pleasant. It tasted much like a very good lemonade, the one that says "made with real lemons". I was very relieved. I'd decided to take my laptop to the bedroom & work from there as it's next to the bathroom for convenience. It wasn't long till I felt heat starting in my stomach then I needed to go. I've not had solid motions in ages & I'm used to having diarrhea, that's one reason I'm being investigated. Yup, diarrhea! Still, better out than in & out IS the whole idea! A while later the fire began in earnest, another trip to the bathroom.

Now, I had been told I could have white bread & a boiled or poached egg for breakfast with the same for lunch but I had to fit lunch in before 4pm which was the latest time i was meant to take the 2nd dose of Citramag laxative. So, I made some toast & was waiting for it to cool when the need took over & I flew upstairs to the bathroom. OMG! I had such incredible pain in my stomach & felt sick too. I shouted out in pain & yelled "fetch a bucket fast" to my husband who, thankfully, was within hearing distance. Jeez!!! When your stomach is empty you bring up what tastes like grapefruit juice, awful. When the intense pain hit I sicked & crapped together, I was sweating & yet I felt chilled too. I felt desperate. Suddenly the sickness left me & I decided to eat my toast.

I had more toast with a few teaspoonfuls of plain cottage cheese around 3pm - I couldn't face egg - then made up the 2nd Citramag & thought "I'm not looking forward to this, AT ALL!" At 4pm I drank that & waited & waited & waited! It was ages till my stomach stirred, it rumbled rather than felt it was on fire. I never felt any urge (or pain) to go to the bathroom with this 2nd lot, I had to tell myself to go &, by then, it was like shitting through the eye of a needle.

By 7pm I decided I'd settled down enough to venture downstairs to watch TV in the lounge with my husband. I kept popping to the bathroom & more came away. At bedtime I'd felt I'd got off lightly with this 2nd dose. When I lay down I felt I had to go & that happened twice before I could settle - I put two thick towels under me, just in case - I woke a few times during the night to go then too so I didn't have a good night. I was also feeling shaky about this test &, quite naturally, the results. I've read up probably too much on health forums from others who've experienced it.


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